My resort disappeared from MDE

The only thing I have left on the MDE app is the ticket reservations even though I have a package for end of July-early August. We are supposed to be at AS Movies. Anyone else have their resort reservation mysteriously “disappear?”

I’d give it a day to see if it comes back. With all the updates, not to mention Disney’s IT history, I would wager it is a temporary glitch.

HOWEVER, I have a theory that Disney is going to try to move everyone out of the All Stars in the near term to other resorts…so, it might be that they plan to move you from AS Movies to another resort?

It is early…you could also just hop onto chat with Disney probably and get a response quickly enough. I chatted with them yesterday about an issue I was seeing, and I connected with a CM almost immediately around this same time of day.

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I’ll try the chat feature and let everyone know. It’s so weird because the tickets are there still with the expiration date that corresponds with our package dates, but nothing is showing in “my plans” for the resort.

Hmmm…well, “chat” is currently not an option for me either on my laptop or my phone…

I need to tend to some other things and will try again in a little bit. I might even try calling (wish me luck with that option!) if the resort doesn’t reappear in awhile.

Yikes! A good reminder to screen shot our resort reservations. I hope you get it worked out!


Hmm. Maybe I chatted with them yesterday after 8:00 am? I can’t remember exactly what time…it was earlier in the morning yesterday, though.

I thankfully have all my confirmation emails from Disney regarding this whole trip. I did screenshot our EMM at MK reservation before it disappeared yesterday, but I did not anticipate the resort to disappear. This is all so surreal at this point!

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Lol! I forgot we have emails for those :joy:

hmmmm, why do you think this? and where will they move ppl? All Stars is spread out enough to support social distancing…

I will always say this is my conjecture only! :slight_smile:

But, one of the big issues Disney has admitted to was transportation on property. The fact is, in order to reduce bus capacity to increase social distancing, they need to have a lot fewer people running on a lot more buses.

How can do they this?

Well, as I’ve detailed in another post on the forums. the All Star Resorts are the furthest away from most of the parks, but require buses for everything. So, if you can shift all those buses into service at other (closer) hotels that also offer other transportation options, you alleviate strain on the bus system while still allowing social distancing on the buses themselves.

For example, if you can manage to get everyone from the All Starts over to Pop and/or AoA, then you now have freed up all the buses going from the AS resorts to AK, MK, EP, HS, and DS to shift to other resorts such as Port Orleans, etc, while at the same time moving them to a resort that doesn’t require buses to HS nor EP (due to the Skyliner).

I don’t think social distancing at the resorts themselves is an issue for ANY of the resorts, really. But transportation will be the big issue. That’s why I see such changes being done.

If I’m right, I expect that those staying in AS resorts will gradually see their reservations shifted to another resort where there is still availability. This is consistent with the fact that they shut down any more reservations as well as changes to reservations (other than cancellations) so that they can work through the logistics of moving folks around.

One thing that prompted this line of thinking was that before Disney shut down even those with reservations from being able to change anything, bug after they closed down new reservations, I logged into my reservation to “Change Reservation” and see what was offered. None of the AS resorts were available, even though just a couple of days before there was plenty of availability. BUT, I could change to Pop and AoA, which suggests that they wanted people in these resorts, but not AS.

I may be COMPLETELY wrong though. :smiley:


Condensing hotels for transportation would be a smart move. Plus, I can’t think of too many ppl that would mind be “upgraded” from a value to a moderate.


Right! The biggest question is if there was enough availability throughout WDW at the other hotels to accommodate them.

I could see, also, Disney offering folks at Moderates, for example, to upgrade to a Deluxe for free, which frees up a space in a moderate to upgrade someone from a value. My DS22 was offered, a few months back, for example, a free upgrade from his Port Orleans reservation to the Grand Floridian.


Disney closed Port Orleans French Quarter resort completely due to the drop in travelers after 9/11.

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Taking this further…when I looked at which resorts I could switch to, Port Orleans was NOT listed, although many of the other deluxe resorts were. I think this is likely because shifting folks to Pop and AoA would be top priority in terms of busing. Port Orleans doesn’t help much (other than to get bodies out of AS) because it still requires buses for all the parks. Only DS can avoid using a Bus for transportation by using the water ferry.

Resorts like Boardwalk, Beach Club, and Yacht Club, have direct access to HS and EP using ferries and/or walking, so buses only needed for MK and AK.

Resorts like Contemporary, Bay Lake, Grand Floridian, and Poly can use monorail/walking for MK and EP, and only require buses for AK and HS.

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Um, ok. Twist my arm. I’d take it :laughing:


I totally support the theory that they will close some resorts in order to try to condense them for transportation logistics. It just makes sense from an operational perspective. So curious to see what they say when they finally give us some details!

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I just checked and now all of my resort info is back. I didn’t have time to call Disney this morning, and chat was unavailable, but I did send an email. I haven’t received a reply to the email, but for now the resort info is there.

Interesting theories about which resorts might not reopen with the rest. Hopefully we all get some answers soon!

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I’m wondering if a coding change is happening behind the scenes. I received a push notification in MDE that my reservation had been changed and to call my travel professional.
When I looked at it, the only thing that changed is that the booking code used to say QCR Room only, and now it says just Room only. Maybe they are going through and marking reservations that have room and tickets linked (which I do) for the new reservations system priority. Someone else on the dis also got the same message. My room was booked through UT for 11/28-12/5 at AKL.

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It very well could be something like a coding change. Everything is still there this evening-resort and tickets-so we’ll see. We have park hoppers, and I know nothing official has been said about those yet, but I can’t imagine being able to park hop with the new park reservation system coming soon.


I am very happy for those lucky people who might be upgraded :slightly_smiling_face: However, we are already booked as guests at a 1BR villa at a DVC in August. Do you think that we will/should be offered an upgrade to a 2BR or maybe from a Standard View to a Lake View? Otherwise, it doesn’t seem quite fair? (I know, LIFE isn’t fair right?) :upside_down_face: