My New Strange Hobby

I made some minnie ears yesterday! They are far from perfect, but I’m pretty proud of them for my first attempt. I am not sure that I like the larger bow on the Rey inspired ears; I was thinking that I would wear the larger bow and DD11 would wear the smaller bow, but the large bow really covers up a lot.I have one more pair to make that is Nightmare Before Christmas themed, to wear to Boo Bash (DD7 is going as Jack and I am going as Sally. DD11 will be wearing her Rey costume with the ears pictured here, and DS12 will be Luke Skywalker!) They’re really fun to make, but so time consuming!


They’re cute! I’ve been looking at ears on Etsy, they are big business!


The Rey ears were definitely inspired by an Etsy listing that I couldn’t get delivered in time for our trip. My husband pointed out that if I could sell just two pairs of ears from the leftover materials I have, it would pay for all of the supplies. These took FOREVER to make though- basically all day for three pairs. Whatever people are asking on Etsy is certainly justified just in labor-cost alone. I don’t think mine are good enough to sell to someone else. Maybe if I practice and get out all the flaws


Your first efforts are never going to be perfect. Though I think you did a great job!

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In my experience, you usually see all of the flaws in your work, but others do not.


Love them!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Well done.

How cute with the little light sabres. Is that Lego?


Those are so good!

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Great job!!

Thank you!
They are cupcake toppers :rofl:


These came out great! Making ears is so much fun, but not cheaper than buying, as my DH likes to point out. Sometimes it’s just about the fun of creating.


These are amazing! Did you use a pattern or tutorial you would be willing to share? I’ve been doing embroidery recently, and now I’m tempted to embroider some!