My itinerary ( hopefully)

I was wondering if any experienced liners could have a quick glance at my plans and let me know if there are any glaring issues. We are going for 2 weeks from August 11th and staying offsite. It’s me, DH, kids age 9 and 11 and my parents in their 60s. Aiming to cover as much as we can ( I know we can’t do everything) but having chill time too.

Many thanks.

Your park plans look good. Is there a reason you are picking electric umbrella and Liberty Inn ?

Thank you. It’s not set in stone. Just a combination of food tastes (kids and my parents are very plain eaters), location (don’t want to criss cross) and air conditioning (as we are not midday breaking, I feel will need somewhere cool to eat/rest). Happy to accept suggestions.
PS my parents are staying in POFQ so if it all gets too much, we can head back there for a break and I’ll adjust the plan on the hop.

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Oh wow, where did you get that spread sheet? Can you share it? Is it excel? I would love to lay out my itinerary like this.

Sunshine Season is air conditioned, it has a great variety of selections, and is pretty highly regarded.

Oh thank you, I made it myself using google sheets. I’ve no idea how to share it! I started with our dates across the top, half hour increments down the sides and filled in the data using my PTP. Then went crazy on the colour coding.

Excellent tip, will add it as a possibility, thanks. I’m trying not too to be too prescribed but hate standing around having the “oh what do you want to eat” conversation then spending an age looking for somewhere that suits everyone!

Use mobile ordering when available. This will save time waiting on line. Just hand the phone to everyone and let them pick what they want to eat then place your order. When you’re 5 / 10 min out finalize it or hit the we are here button. This will give you more time to sit and enjoy the AC.


Excellent idea!

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