My genius solution to the hydration problem

I’m always on the lookout to buy even more essential items to take to WDW and I just bought these:

I’ve never been a fan of carrying bottles of water around because they’re heavy. And buying water is expensive, especially if there’s four of you.

These are super-convenient to carry. And the lids form a tight seal, so you can have a drink, then fill up for more later if you wish.


Just bought these nearly exact collapsible cups last week to take on our trip next week. I’ll let you know how well they work for us.


We’ve bought those (well, ones almost identical to those). They were almost worthless because they are too small and awkward.

Instead, we bought these (well, not this EXACT brand, but one nearly identical) that worked better, because it holds more, acts more like a water bottle, but still rolls up small enough to stick in a pocket. (Admittedly, not as small as the collapsible cup…but again, we didn’t end up liking those at all.)

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I guess it depends how you plan on using them. I’m picturing (e.g.) getting them out at Freestyle machines and filling a cup with water. Drinking it. And, if desired, filling it again to carry around. But probably not. Just using it as a cup.


Exactly. I agree with you, perfect for the many freestyle machines. Take it in a queue while you wait. Finish it or dump it. People especially love this style cup for UOR if they wear the fanny pack. But small enough too for your pocket.


We found this type of bottle too difficult to drink out of unless they were full.

The cups seem like a better option especially if you get ice at the freestyle machines. I need my water cold!! So I now just carry my insulated metal water bottle so I have ice all day :grin:


Initially, it was awkward, until I got the hang of it…kind of treating it like an old-school water skin. Once I realized that, it was a breeze to use.

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My first thought was the lids would keep the cup clean while it’s in your bag.


He would have to have finally settled on a park bag though… :nerd_face:


I was looking for something like that. I’m still going to use my 40oz hydroflask, but I thought a collapsible would make it easier to refill the big bottle when there is only a water fountain with poor water pressure. I can only fill my bottle about 2/3 at most fountains

I bought these for our trip to Disney with the kids. We used the lids to keep them clean, not to prevent spilling. An adult could then easily carry all of them and I wasn’t constantly making sure my kids were keeping up with park bags or water bottles. It was good.

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Are the cast member water bottle setups standardized?

I actually like the CM’s Waterbottle ‘holster’ setup that I see many have. I keep meaning to try and get my own. Anyone know where you can get one? Or are they only Etsy/custom replicas?

(I don’t need to have my water super cold, just so long as I’m not drinking “water-flavored tea”, I’m good. :upside_down_face: )

Yes and no. DD has a smaller one that is about 16 oz and looks like a typical water bottle. Mine is a newer version that holds about 24oz. They both have an insulated sleeve with a clip to attach to a belt loop.

It doesn’t keep it cold very long. I have access to icy cold water though and an electrolyte full beverage or frozen pop called squenchers.

We can also choose to use our own as long as it is neutral in design and color.


I’m back after a two year absence, and it’s nice to see that some things never change.