My FP window is at a terrible time

7 am on a Friday, right as I am scrambling out the door to get kids to school and get myself to work! Guessing I will try to FOP and SDD right at 7 am and hope for the best with every thing else after I arrive at work at 7:45 am. Kids have no idea we are going on this trip so can’t even do it out in the open with them, and have no one else I can ask to help make the reservations. And of course we are going Thanksgiving week so it will be a miracle if there is even anything left. Oh well…

Maybe let kids sleep in and take the morning off from work?! Or enlist DH or other partner to take kids to school that day and just be a little late for work? There is a nasty cold going around up here in our neck of the woods…

I wish but I am a nurse and can’t be late to work, and DH is a physician and leaves too early to drop the kids off at school.

Are there any travel agents that can help with this kind of thing? Maybe for a small fee?


I know, in the case of my TA, that she can book FPs for you if your reservation is with her.

so, I would ask your TA, or, if you booked everything yourself, explore having your reservation moved over to a TA.


That is a great idea! I will remember that for myself for the future. I have a similar situation with work, etc and could see that being the case with me at some point. I think that is why my heart went out when I read this post!


Oh no–sending pixie dust for no glitches in MDE! If you get FOP and SDD (and maybe 7DMT if MK day is early in your trip–like 60 or 60+1), everything else should be fine to sit for a few hours and fill in later or at least that’s been my experience.

I’d be glad to help you make your FPP if you have no other choice @hcerar.

This is controversial around here, but just book a fake trip ending on the day your real trip starts. Then you can book FPP at your convenience, not Disney’s. This also guarantees you get the FPP at the days and times you want them.

Thanks! I am going to see if I can get my kids a ride to school that morning and come up with a reason I am hiding out in seclusion on my computer :wink:

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Is there a close friend or anyone that you could trust with your log in info to help you? I am helping a girl that I work with right now. I am not a travel agent but I love all the planning that goes along with Disney vacations.

I think I have figured it out - will have kids get to school with neighbor and DH can make sure everyone is up and eating breakfast, etc. while I am on the computer