My FoP RD Experience

I was at AK on Friday (10/27) to RD FoP. Park opening was scheduled for 9am. I was in line at 7:40, through the tapstiles at 8:14, and on the bridge leading to Pandora at 8:32. At this point, I forgot to check the time for a while because I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of Pandora (first time here since it opened)! The next time I checked my watch was at 9:04… as I was exiting the ride. I am a slow walker, so I was definitely NOT one of the first people to get on the ride, even though I started out near the front of the pack. Is this normal? I was not expecting to be let into Pandora and onto the ride so early! I was expecting that we would all be stopped and held somewhere until official park opening time.


I’d love to hear the experiences of others! We actually got FPPs for FOP, but it would be awesome to RD FOP and then NRJ and also get to use our FPPs later!

That’s great! Very encouraging for me since we couldn’t get a FP and will need to do RD on 11/28.

Yes, I had a similar experience. I arrived at the tapstiles a bit before 8am and was walking off the ride around 9am. This was in September.

Yes this is normal. We rope dropped Navi on 10/19 and were off of Navi by 8:40am on a 9:00am open day.

I have also had good luck getting same-day FoP FPs during my visit by modifying my NRJ FPs around 10:30 am.

Sounds like a perfect run for Pandora RD!