My favorite restaurant in Downtown Disney(land) is

For me, it's Catal, specifically the paella (either chicken or seafood). The appetizers and wine list are also good, and the service is prompt without making you feel rushed.

I don't think I've ever tried that House of Blues. Either the line was too long, or the people I was with didn't want to go.

Going along with Catal, I love Uva bar because the Uva street fries are addicting, they can make a mean cocktail, and I like sitting in the center of the Downtown Disney walkways.

I love having a drink at the Uva bar in the middle of the street area, but, for most favourite, Tortilla Jo's is a MUST EAT for us whenever we go to Disney. We always eat outside on the patio enjoying food, drinks and people watching. The lime margaritas are a small slice of heaven and they go down WAY too easily! smile

Earl of sandwich! They are really nicely wrapped so you can take them back to the room.

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La Brea for breakfast!

Tortilla Jo's ! LOL how could I forget rain forest café!

I like Earl of Sandwich. I wish they had more seating since they are so popular.