My Disney Experience says we have maxed out our Fast Passes - but none for that day?

So I made FPP plans for most of the days of my trip - except the last. Well, technically the second to last, as we are cancelling our last day - our vacay shifted forward a day, but no mind.

ANYWAY, I went to look for FPP today for our last day and though I have NO FPP for Sept. 10, it says that we have exceeded our max alotment of FPP. This is what it says when you already have 3 and try to book more.

What’s going on? Anyone else having this problem today?

My only thought is do you have a park ticket for that day? I’d presume that would be the error you’d get if you had a 7 day ticket and tried to book 8 days worth of fast passes as well. Obviously that’s just a guess though…

Good luck.


This is probably something that a Disney Tech can easily solve, I’d give them a call and they should get you squared away

I agree with @Damavs usually this is caused by lack of enough ticket media. Double check your selected FP and make sure the number of days match to the ticket media you have.

That’s it!! You guys are so smart!!

I got FP for my Halloween Party day - not going to a park that day otherwise, so it thinks I’m out of tickets.


But you guys are the best!!

I think this will work, I have seen it discussed elsewhere.

  1. cancel those fps for the party day

  2. make them for your last day

  3. Check your party tickets are linked and try making fps for 4pm or later. It should allow you to make them then.

It’s the priority of your tickets that means MDE is using you 7 day ticket first.


Careful! Reports recently for FP being dropped as they related to a party ticket.

We were able to get FP for our party day. I did all of the FP’s for the days we planned on using park tickets first, and then made FP’s for the MNSSHP (we are only going to the party this day, so no park ticket). So far, so good.