My Disney Experience Problems!

I was just wondering if anyone knew whether - if I manage to link my hotel reservation to the site (I’m having problems because I booked through TUI who used an agent called jetsave so I don’t have a reservation number) - will I be able to book my fastpass+ 60 days in advance?
I won’t be able to link my tickets until 30 days in advance when I am able to generate my code because of who I booked them through
Thank for any advice!

I am so sorry! You will not be able to book fast passes until you have tickets linked. Can you cancel and book with another TA or on your own? Even if you have tickets linked you need an onsite resort booked and linked to make FPs on day 60.

I think that we should be able to get a confirmation number for the hotel before the 60 days but not the park tickets. Does this mean I won’t be able to book them at 60 then?
I don’t think we’ll be able to cancel. If I can’t do the FPs 60 days in advance then I suppose I’ll just have to see what I can get at 30 haha. Cheers

You cannot book fast passes without tickets. Sorry!

Oh dear ok. Will most of the rides be booked up by the 30 days?

Not most but you will not be able to book 7 dwarfs mine train, Frozen Ever After or Flights of Passage.

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Who did you book tickets through, out of interest?

Usually e-tickets have all the information you need to link them; the issue can be having two different numbers (ticket no. and a confirmation no.) - even from the UK Disney site.

I used love Orlando tickets and I have emailed them and they say that I can only get a number 30 days in advance not before that - I have a ticket confirmation number but that is through them not Disney.

See if you can cancel that order and buy tickets through another third party seller who will give you the ticket number right away, like Undercover Tourist.

I just checked the policies and they are non-refundable unfortunately.

Did you opt for the tickets rather than e-vouchers? If so, I would maybe contact them again.

As far as I can see, There’s no mention in the FAQs that you wouldn’t get your tickets until 30 days before. IMO that’s a bit misleading. I would ask if you can swap them for e-vouchers.

It’s the same situation with the e-vouchers - you have to generate a Disney code but you can only actually do that 30 days in advance

OK. In my book they don’t tell you that anywhere on their site, as far as I can see.

I’d be really mad at that, and would be arguing my case for a full refund. It’s misleading to say the least.

Good luck!

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