My Disney Experience issue

My My Disney Experience app does not seem to be updating. It is not showing everyone in our parties tickets and our dining reservations are not current. I am concerned as I believe this syncs with our Magic Bands to become tickets and such. Has anyone else had this issue? How do you fix it? I’ve tried deleteing the app and re-installing it.
Our trip is 12/10-12/16

The app has been a little glitchy lately. Try logging in to the web version and see if that works better. I suspect the problem is related to the very frequent iOS updates lately so should resolve as soon as that has stabilized

Good luck!

Some people don’t even use MDE (gasp!) so I wouldn’t be concerned about losing any reservations. However, if you plan on using it in the parks to book additional FPs then ask a CM for help in the park if it hasn’t worked out or call and get help.

Give it a day or two. It will straighten itself out. Does it all the time.

I had Hollywood hills flash up as a attraction. Must of been mixing DL WITH DW. I closed it out and reopened it. A month ago it had a different name as my guest. My husband and I laughed as I was vacationing with a new man according to MDE😜

I am having MDE issues too. I hope it is temporary from the multiple iOS changes lately. I have a disappearing ADR but I have my email confirmation and I called and they have it so truly a MDE glitch.
Still,I am wondering if I should make a list of all my confirmation numbers somewhere

Mine does not show my husbands tickets, has his name wrong in everything else, and is showing reservations we cancelled (I too called, and was assured that they are indeed cancelled). Also, I don’t see our memory maker on the app.

I was hoping to utilize the app when we are in the parks, but I currently don’t trust it.

Any advice? I’ve been through updates with it & have refreshed it.

Go out to My Disney Experience at and check there. I have had no problems finding everything available about my reservation. If you haven’t already, Link everything there. Dinning reservations should be listed there. Print out everything and make a hard copy from this site. This will be proof of everything in your account.

It seems to be working fine for people in the park. But, yeah, I would be freaked out about all the discrepancies if I was close. On mine it has one part of our split stay has just first last name and the other part adds a “Mrs”. I’ll have to call and get that straight. I have a while before it becomes critical. I hope your issues resolve before your trip

I had the same issue but it seems to have settled down now. I deleted the app and reloaded. At some point it finally updated completely.

I’ve been emailing with Disney tech as I can’t change ADR times on the app. They know there are issues (told me to use for now). You can then add this as an icon on your home screen.

Are other people still having issues?

Yes. Mine shuts down almost every other time I open it up.

Mine opens but immediately shuts down but only on my iPad. Works fine on iPhone and on PC.