My Disney Experience Friends and Family Help

My husband and I will be traveling with another family of 5 in October. They have set up their own mde account and I have been able to link our account with theirs. The two adults show up in my mde but their 3 children do not. I was going to make ADRs and fast passes for all of us but the kids don’t show up for me to include them. They have already purchased tickets and have linked them.

I know it’s still early hit just wanted to have everything in place ahead of time.

Think there us an issue about friending/linking children on MDE as parents have control of their own child’s account and other adults can’t access it for anything…AFAIK.

Thanks for asking that @MountainEARs! I’ve got the same issue. Hmmm…@mumcalsop, do you happen to know of a workaround? I’m planning everything for our trip and was planning on making all if the ADRs and FPPs for everyone.

I dont know best bet would be for the parents to call wdw and explain the situation. ADR you dont need to list guest you can just skip that section and leave it at number or create ghost guests with the correct ages for kids. Its the fpp you will need help with. OR You could get your friends log in details and do eveything in her account and if linked you guys should show up on hers and her kids would be there also.Hope this helps

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I would do as @mumscalsop suggests. Make your ADRs for your entire party, but don’t go through and add the names when your making the reservations. The only thing you need when checking in is the lead guest name (you).

You can always add them later.

Also, make sure you BOTH have the “this person travels with me often” button checked and the VIEW ALL PLANS button checked. This should also help.

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Thanks for the help everyone!


I added my bro-in-law’s kids by adding a guest “from a list of people I may know.” The owner of the other family’s account should be there to pick. The kids & his wife were there for me to pick. They then had to accept my friend request for each kid, and vice-versa for our kids for them.

As already said, you don’t need to have every person connected to make your ADRs for the group. It just a fun feature to add everyone to your meal, so it show’s up in the other family’s plans.