My Disney Experience and family members

Okay does each family member have to have an account on my Disney experience or is it enough the they are named on the reservation.

Also if sharing a memory pass with others do we each need our own account?

My kids and wife do not have their own account. I handle their FP+ and other reservations through my account. However, you do have to add them to your account, if they don’t already show up.

My husband is shown on my account. I figure fast passes are okay, but I am more worried about the memory maker that is being shared. Maybe I should make him one to be on the safe side??

I don’t think it will hurt. I don’t know much about memory maker, though.

Kids (assuming they are coming) will have to be put on your account too if you want to manage them and their FP+, or they could get their own account. You can schedule separate experiences for them even through your account.

Interesting. How does MDE know that an unregistered friend staying in a different room should be associated with your FPPs, ADRs, etc??

You add people as friends through MDE.

So, I have a friend from the Netherlands who’ll be staying in a different room than my wife and I and he- to my frustration- refuses to set up an account. So, I obviously can’t send him an email friend invite. If I simply add him as a friend (assuming I can do this), how will WDW know that his MB should be associated w my reservations?

I think- someone correct me if I’m wrong- that you would set him up yourself as a friend in your MDE. You can then put him on your adrs etc. You’d have to link his ticket in your account to make FPPs for him. As far as memory maker goes, anyone that you are linked to or that is a part of your account that has permission to view & share photos for MM can do so.

It’s really a cool system but you do have to have an account linked to use it.

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Thank you @happykaren ! Very much appreciated!

You are completely welcome!

I just have one account and DW is included as a family member. She has no interest in having her own account, and quite frankly, I can’t see the benefit od her having her own. I know that some people have multiple accounts per family so they can book multiple ADRs for the same time slot and then cancel the ones they don’t want the day before, but I don’t play that game.

I have a “friend” in my MDE account named “Disney Liner”. When I go solo I always make ADRs for 2; myself and this “friend”, This way, if I meet up with another solo visitor, I always have a dinner spot for them. I don’t feel “guilty” about this as a solo diner is always placed at a “2-top” table, so I’m not really denying anyone else an ADR spot (BG is the one exception to this; because of the community seating, I only make an ADR for the number of people I KNOW will be with me).

Interesting. Have you ever, ever heard of someone being charged if some number of people less than what was reserved shows up? I never have had a problem w that but am not sure if it might become an issue if dome repeatedly. For example, wife and I will make it to all our reservations but are unsure if the couple with whom we’re traveling will make it. Also, side note, I’ve noticed that the ADR availability can vary if I request a 1 vs 2-top for example. I wanted a certain time at Beaches last trip but cousins get it as 1 but got the time I wanted as a 2. No issue when I showed up as a 1.

For regular ADRs, my understanding is that as long as at least one of the party shows up, there will be no charge. The purpose of the charges is to discourage people from making multiple ADRs and then showing up for only the one that they want that day. I have to say that most ADRs DO seem to be easier to get now that the new policy is in place.

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