My DH has seen the light!

Quick backstory - DH and I have been going to Disney since our honeymoon 25 years ago. We started by going every two years or so, then in 2006 we purchased DVC and have gone at least once a year since. In the last few years he and I have added on a couple weekend trip in addition to the annual family trip. My point being, we go a lot. I am a planner and he doesn’t like being told what to do. I’ve been making touring plans for a few years now, but mostly keep them to myself. I have a plan and try to “suggest” we go one way vs another when we’re in park. I do not use the lines app. Well. Last night we were running out of disney you tube videos to watch (we typically watch the dis) and I remembered that TP has a channel. After watching the most recent crowd calendar update video with Angela and Fred everything changed. All DH needed to hear was Fred say “save 4 hours standing in line” and now he’s all in. He even tried to give me crap for not using the plans in the past! I’m flying high on the I Told You So Express!


That’s hilarious :joy:

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I’ve always been a planner, but only recently realized I could watch YouTube on my TV using my phone. Thanks for the suggestion, I never thought to look for Touring Plans on there. I’ve pretty much only used it for rides and hotel tours (okay, and cat videos, lol). Just subscribed!

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Best line ever… I am going to have to remember this! :joy::rofl::rofl: