My data plan was assaulted this month

Has the data this thing uses gone way up? I have never used over 5g of data and for the past month we went up to 11 g and 8 g of that is frommy phone and iPad which I use to use lines and forum. @len help?

Have you been clicking on a lot of links in messages to photos and videos?

I have to manually close browser windows to keep it from running in the background. Maybe try that.

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The compression settings on the server are still pretty strong, so that would be surprising. Check @SallyEppcot’s tip about closing browser windows.

I’m not sure what happens if an iPad is left on a forum page after the iPad goes to sleep, though. Let me see if we can test that.

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Well, I discovered through trial and error and Google that I had 157 separate touring plans pages open when I touched that double box thing in safari. So I’m guessing those open windows might have something to do with it. Why does it always open a new page?

I don’t know, but it can REALLY sneak up on you. I’m closing windows constantly. I’m glad you maybe figured out the answer.

That’s crazy. What page opened the tabs???

I’ll often have 20 Forum windows going after an afternoon out. I put an icon for the Forum on my phone screen (just a Safari link.) It opens a new window each time I tap it to check in and see if anything is happening. When I close Safari it never actually closes the window, just leaves it open in the background and stacks the next one in top of it. I have to manually go in and close each one whenever I think of it.

Yes, I know it’s pathetic that I check in so often but it’s habit, especially if I am out running errands and standing in lines a lot. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.)

Go to Settings, General, Usage, Battery Usage and find out which app/s are gobbling up your battery.

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Interesting. For mine, Safari = 59% followed, in distant second place, by the home/lock screen at 9%.

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interesting topic.
I’m almost always on wifi with unlimited data, so never check, but last Wednesday had a doctors appt out and probably spent an hour max on the forum whilst waiting and was using my phone data. Just checked my usage for that day 675mb. that’s a massive amount for one day!
Iphone 6. 4G carrier.
Screen snap of other usage days as a comparison.

Hmmmm…OK. I’ll check to see whether any server settings were changed with the last software upgrade. That’s unusual.

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I can’t access the forums at all now on my iPhone 5s. It started yesterday. I cleared cookies on the phone and now I can’t get logged in.

Any ideas?

I had problems with the Forum with both PC and iPhone 5S yesterday. No problems today.

I can get on with my ipad and my laptop just not my phone.