My car vs Disney Transport

Do you rely on Disney transport solely? Only drive? Last time we used buses while staying at a value resort and were only mildly annoyed once while visiting DTD. Long waits. Two transfers. Lesson learned. I’m specifically concerned about pre RD ADR at BOG. How do I make that work if transportation only runs an hour before park opening? Also, we will be staying at CBR. Does it share buses with other resorts like the values or just multiple stops with resort?

What time of year are you going?
We go in January “value season” and have always used Disney transport exclusively. Over 7 or 8 trips, we’ve only had 3 instances of long waits/overly crowded buses.
If you’re going during a busier time of year, the car may be the way to go. I’m sure someone who has traveled during that time can chime in with good advice.

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Hello there!

We use a mixture of car and Disney transport. Specifically, we use our car to get to the water parks, usually to go to downtown Disney (not keen on the bus situation there), and if we are going to have a meal at a resort and don’t feel like getting a bus to a park, then another bus or boat/monorail etc to the resort.

When I stayed at CBR, it didn’t share with another resort, but did have multiple stops around the resort.

In order to get to your pre RD breakfast at BoG, I would stick to Disney transport. The buses will be running in plenty of time to get everyone with early breakfast reservations to the park. We have been on a bus shortly after 7am in order to get to an 8am Crystal Palace breakfast when MK did not open until 9am.


We rely pretty much exclusively on Disney transport, but we always budget for some cabs when we are going resort-to-resort. We usually stay at AoA or Pop, and really have not had major issues with buses. That said, there are times when it feels like we wait for an exceptionally long time at the bus stop. When you are eager to get to the park, 20 minutes can feel like an eternity.

I agree with @Ellen1976 about taking the bus to MK the day of your pre-RD breakfast. Driving to MK just gets you to the TTC - then you still need to ferry or monorail over.


Oh yea! I could not remember ever having an issue with how early the buses ran, but kept reading the they did not start until an hour before parks open. Great to here you were on a bus so early!

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@disney1974, we are going next month. I’ve obsessed over the details and now I’m down to obsessing over the details about the details :slight_smile:


I prefer using Disney transportation, except for resort-to-resort travel (especially after the parks have closed). I ALWAYS us DisTrans to go to the MK, because the busses drop you off right by the park instead of having to deal with the TTC/mono/ferry approach.

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Have always had a car, but this trip we’re doing the ‘exclusive onsite’ thing for the first time… just trying to remind myself that overall timing will probably be about the same, even if it feels like it takes longer :smile:

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We used a mixture of both. We definitely preferred car with the exception of MK.

I drive to all parks except MK. I like the fact that I’m not dependent on buses being late. I like always getting a seat and no one jostling me. Driving doesn’t bother me and knowing my way around Disney helps. If I do take bus I make sure to add extra time so if buses are running late I won’t have a meltdown

I have rented a car last few trips - join what ever company’s “Gold Club” or whatever they call it and you can go directly to parking lot - skip the desk - both the wait and high pressure sales to add on unneeded insurance, etc.

If you use cab, WDW Today podcast says Uber is much more economical, but I haven’t used them.


Its car all the way for me. Disney’s transport is great but there is no substitute for having your own wheels. You really can get a car for very little $$ if you shop around too. My last trip I had to WDW a few months ago I got a car from Hertz for only $80 for the week!! Yes there were taxes on top of that but all in it was less than $140 and especially if you wanna hop between parks or dive back to your hotel during the day you will save yourself a lot of headache and a ton of time!

Yes, I have heard great things about Uber, so I plan to give that a shot on our upcoming trip. We have at least one cab ride planned.

I have two scenarios where I was wondering if our car would be better than DT?

  1. We have an ADR for Sanaa after a morning at AK. I was wondering if driving ourselves to AK that AM would be more beneficial so that we can jump in the car and head over to Sanaa afterward. The thought of getting back on a bus after we eat to head back to AK and then catching a second bus to get back to WL seems so daunting.

  2. We may go to DTD after our early morning at HS. Car or DT?

For the Sanaa ADR, I would take your car. Especially if the plan is to go right back to your resort after you eat.

For your second scenario, I’m not sure. I’ve heard that the driving situation around Disney Springs is still rough.

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Having just done the driving vs transportation thing, I would definitely agree with @theredhead about AK. Parking at there is so easy the buses would just slow you down and overly complicate things trying to get to Saana.

Disney Springs. Parking is a breeze. This is the thing though. You seem to be forced into surface parking or the new garage near Planet Hollywood which is at one end. After you have meandered to the other end where my favorite things are (Pin traders, Goofy’s candy, Christmas shop, etc) then you have to get back to the end where your car is parked. Crowds are crazy, boats line are LONG, walking up stream is no fun. We drove twice having not learned our lesson the first time. It did not get easier or faster that second time. Take the bus, unless there is a REALLY compelling reason not to.

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We’re going to be doing scenario #1 next Saturday, and are planning on driving. If your trip is after that, I can let you know how it goes! I plan to use Disney transportation for MK and play it by ear on the others. If we come back for a midday break, we will probably drive in the am too.

Great! We are 18 days out, so I would love to know how it works for you. My biggest concern is parking at AKL.

I would also be interested to hear how driving to the parks in the AM works for you. Have fun on your trip!!!

Serious question - is getting back to your car in the parking lot any better than waiting for a bus? We will have a rental car, as we’re flying into Sanford, but staying onsite.

We are planning to RD HS on an amEMH day, because DH wants to ride Star Tours and see the new hangar thing. But we can’t fill a day at HS, and had planned to head to AK by mid-morning. However, we were able to get Osborne desert party reservation, so if we keep it, we will head from AK back to HS in the evening. Is schlepping out to the parking lot multiple times going to feel more exhausting than standing in the bus line?

Parking at AK was not the easiest, but I think wine and dine race prep was making it more difficult. Also the setup is not great. Rows run perpendicular to the park, so we were very last car in row which pretty much doubled our walk, they are looong. But driving to AKL was wonderful (we actually circled back out of the parking because dd2 had fallen asleep and we wanted to let her sleep longer) . They have underground parking at kidani so very short walk to Sanaa and a lovely drive back to fort wilderness with full bellies. I would drive again. Even with the wait to park and the longer walk. Still probably less time than waiting for the bus.