My Birthday trip with a teenager

I am planning my birthday weekend trip to WDW at the end of April. My son is 17 and is very busy in sports. The original plan had been to fly to FL on Wednesday and home on Sunday. However, my son now wants to go on Thursday instead so he doesn’t have to miss school, practices or games. I understand and am trying to remind myself I will be saving money, but also trying to figure out how to do Disney in only 2 1/2 days! Tips? We’re staying at my dream/bucket list resort, the Contemporary, in the garden wing. Fingers crossed they will upgrade us! Tips appreciated to increase odds of an upgrades as well!
If we go to HS and/or MK, where would be a good places for birthday meals, that a teenager would also like? I’d love to do CA Grill, but I don’t know that I can afford the amount of food he would need to fill his bottomless pit there! That and would the ambiance be lost on him??
I’m wanting to plan a trip that will be a fun trip for both of us.
Your thoughts and suggestions on any or all of my questions is appreciated.


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Are you planning to go to parks each of the 2 1/2 days? If so, which parks would you choose? (You mentioned HS and MK but not sure about the half day.) Will you have park hopper tickets?

I don’t have good advice for the food but I wouldn’t go to CA grill if you’re trying to reign in the budget at all. More food for less elsewhere.

I was thinking of going to MK on the day we arrive, HS the next day. The jury is out on the last full day - potentially AK (I think we would like Pandora and he loves the lets get mom wet rides!) Otherwise, HS or MK, depending if we want to go back there and if we can get onto Ride of the Resistance the day before! Right now, I have the park reservation for HS. I don’t think we’ll go into a park the day we fly home. At this point, I’m not planning on getting park hopper passes.

I have 2 starving teenage boys, but surprisingly they don’t prefer the AYCTE places. Big hits with them (that are currently open) have been Sci Fi, Le Cellier, Teppan Edo, Homecomin’, The Polite Pig. One of mine requests CG every time–good food, nice atmosphere, sushi, and fireworks (although that part isn’t an option).

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