My Big Fat List of Disney Trips

My big project is underway! I’m compiling a list of all of our Disney World trips and scrapbooking the pics and memorabilia. The pics have been in various albums all over the house and the maps, tickets, etc. have been in various boxes. I got all of that sorted by year and have begun the process of putting it all together. I guesstimated from the photo albums I rounded up that we’ve been on 46 trips. Since starting this project I have found two trips that have documentation but no pics. I wonder if we will make it to 50 before it’s all done? :person_shrugging:
Btw, these are trips as a family. My dad took us on some trips and dh and I both went solo before getting married.
#1 1993 Ds was 3yo, hated the dark and noises so we pretty much did nothing lol.

#2 1994 This trip was with dmil and dfil and a niece the same age as ds, 4yo.

#3 4/1996 First year with two trips! This one was with ds6, ds1 and two teenage nephews.

#4 12/1996 First Christmas trip and first stay on property. Ds6 and ds1. We attended a super cool Christmas party at the Contemporary.

#5 11/1997 This one was with my parents, ds7 and ds2.

#6 6/1998 ds8, ds3

#7 4/1999 ds9, ds4

#8 9/1999 ds9, ds4

#9 2/2000 This one was with my brother and his wife, ds10, ds5, and I didn’t know at the time, but I was also expecting.

#10 3/2001 This year we finally became passholders and went three times. Ds11, ds6 and baby ds. As you can imagine, these trips are a blur to me lol.

Lots more to come!


This is a great idea! I wonder if I could figure out all my trips … I don’t think I have photos from all of them. Maybe my Disney World ones, but probably not Disneyland.


I love this! I hope you continue to share as you move through everything.

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You’ve got a great start with your photos. Someday I’ll get my photos organized.

I’ve got a spreadsheet to track our trips to WDW and cruises. Being from Iowa, we haven’t done nearly as many trips to WDW as you. But a spreadsheet comes in handy when trying to think back and talk about trips in terms of when we were there, where we stayed, who was along, the ages of the kids, etc. Once we started cruising, several of our trips to Florida became combined ones, and I counted it as WDW if we only went to DS or the hotels (no parks) before or after our cruise.


This is so much fun

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Rope dropping at age 3. This is the way. :smile:


Made it through the next 10 trips…we are up to 20! Came across a few hiccups in this batch but progress is progress.

#11 May 2001 Ds11, ds6 and baby ds.

#12. Sept 2001 This trip was one of the hiccups. I have paperwork from it, but no pictures. We all remember this trip because it was right after 9/11. We had made the reservations months before and of course questioned whether it was safe or even appropriate to go but we did. The parks were empty and the Contemporary upgraded us to a castle view room. Really wish I could find those pics lol!

#13 Jan 2002. Ds12, ds7, ds1

#14 Aug 2002. Same ages. For some reason we took Polaroid pics. You can’t see it well, but Aladdin and Genie are riding the magic carpets ride.

#15 March 2003. Ds13, ds8, ds2. Check out the FastPass stubs!

#16 August 2003. Same ages. How I miss the old Hollywood Studios. You can also tell ds13 is becoming a true teenager lol.

#17 Nov 2003. Ds13, ds8, ds3. This trip I found a cool travel notebook at Disney and started (occasionally) taking trip notes. I transcribed the first ones here.

#18 Feb 2004. Ds14, ds8, ds3 (unknowingly pregnant with ds4). This year was different for us, we had just moved and Hurricane Ivan hit in September. Big changes.

#19 April 2005. Ds15, ds9, ds4, baby ds. I have no pics for this trip, either, which is equally disappointing as it was our 4th son’s first one. But given that we had endured the hurricane and shortly after the birth of ds I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. On a weird note, we took 3 of our sons while they were babies and yes, turn your head @ScottFL, I nursed them in the parks. Would you rather have them crying? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

#20. Feb 2007 ds17, ds11, ds6, ds2

Whew! Thanks for the encouragement with this, it has helped keep me motivated. More to come!


So many memories :face_holding_back_tears:

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I know! Seeing the boys grow up has me teary eyed for sure…in a happy way.

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I do miss the sorcerer’s hat. So iconic.

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And I’m done! Just finished trip number…49! 49 trips to Disney World successfully documented. Filled 16 scrapbooks! It’s been a long journey but tons of fun. Can’t wait to get to 50.


Wow!! Life goals–both the actually documenting stuff (I have good plans, good plans, and never get it done) and the going 50 times!!!


That’s pretty impressive!!!

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Thanks! I’m pretty happy with it (although not with how long it took lol.)

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I’ve been missing my scrapbooking! Been trying to keep busy making these for our upcoming trip.