My Animal Kingdom Touring Plan Sep 28th

I would appreciate your review and suggestions for the touring plan below for a family of 8: GMA, GPA, DS, DDIL, DGD 8, DGD 6, DGD 4, DGS2. TP did not recommend a FP for Kali Rapids; does that seem right to you. Do you have any recommendations for a location in AK where we could eat our prepacked lunch?

8:15 Kilimanjaro Safaris (Rope Drop)
8:59 Triceratops Spin
9:10 Boneyard
9:49 Maharaja Jungle Trek
10:10 Kali Rapids
11:30 Prepacked Lunch
12:21 Ch Meet and Greet Fast Pass @ 12:00
1:40 Lion King Fast Pass @ 2:00
3:15 Find Nemo Fast Pass @ 3:30
Depart Park

Thank you for your time in reading this post.

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No FPP for KR seems fine. Until about 11am there is usually a minimum wait for that attraction. Most people are still over in Pandora or just starting to filter to Asia / Africa.

I don’t know where you are going to be after KR until lunch. However, a lot of the QS places have outdoor tables where you can sit. Like Yak & Yeti near KR

When I put those attractions in, in that order, on 9/28 it does suggest a FP for Kali River Rapids, and predicts an 18 minute wait without one.

Also, is there a particular reason you picked that order? That will have you doing a LOT of walking back and forth, and in my experience it can take a group of 8 AGES to get from point A to point B. You may be wasting a whole lot of time and energy.

A note when booking FP for the shows: the FP time will be from 30 minutes before the show until 10 minutes before. At 10 minutes before the show they’ll let the standby line in, and your FP will have been wasted… you can still use it to walk in, I believe, but you’ll just get whatever seats are leftover.

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I actually found our seats at Nemo without the FP today to be great and we were towards the back. A lot of the FP seats missed some of the action behind them. I’d get the FP for KRR or KS instead.

Good points! I was only thinking with my “wait times” hat. That plan is a march back & forth!

To minimize the back-tracking (since your waits are likely to be minimal for most things anyway) I’d suggest the following:

Drop the character FP and doing that at rope drop. Then do Triceratops Spin (maybe 2 times or more if it’s still too early for Boneyard… the littles won’t usually object to that), Boneyard, and Maharajah Trek. Get FP for Kali River 9:00-10:00 (do it at 9:45ish) and Kilamanjaro Safari 10:30-11:30 (do it at 10:30ish). You’ll have time after that to see the gorillas and other great apes if you like (it’s adjacent to the safari exit) before or after your planned lunch time. You can find places to sit and eat in the Africa section, and then you’ll already be in the neighborhood for the Lion King at 1:00 (or maybe even 12:00 if you eat a little early and get in line by 11:45). If being near the front for Lion King is important to you then I’d use the 3rd FP for that (if not then use it for the 3:30 Nemo). Then you can take a leisurely stroll up to Nemo, stopping to see some animals or take pictures.

If you do use the 3rd FP for Lion King, try to get on the app as soon as you scan the first band to see if you can’t get a 4th for Nemo or something else (at that point you can try for FP in a different park if you’re hopping) because that’s still somewhat early.

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You are right; thank you for the sanity check. I will use the FPs for the Rapids; Safari; and Lion King and try to get a SDFP for Nemo.

If I can’t get a SDFP for Nemo your post will give me hope :slight_smile:

Would you mind checking my revised TP below. I appreciate you pointing out that I had my family walking all over the park. I really want to do the safari first as I am thinking that would set the tone for the day. I know we are still walking alot but hopefully not so much and it makes more sense.

8:15 Kilimanjaro Safari
9:03 Kali Rapids
9:26 Maharaja Jungle
9:56 Triceratops Spin
10:07 Boneyard
11:00 Prepacked lunch in Dino Land
1:00 Lion King FP @ 12:30
Ch Meet & Greet FP @ 2:00
3:30 Nemo FP @ 3:00
Unplanned Time / Depart Park

Thank you.

The animals are supposed to be more active first thing in the morning. I did it at 8:15 back in 2015 and there was a lot going that day.

I’m trying the sunset safari on the next trip. I hear that can be good too. I’ve also always wanted to 6-8pm in Africa. Seems like there’s a lot of street shows around then.

My kids enjoyed talking to the wilderness explorer guides around AK too. We might finally get all the WE stickers in the book this year.

I don’t know what the showtimes are, but if possible I would swap Lion King and Nemo.

That makes so much more sense and I was able to swap them; thank you. I don’t know why I am having such a hard time with the AK Touring Plan.

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