MVT deals

MVT has a bunch of 2023 specials out through the end of next year. I just put in my request for August and potentially December!


Thank you for posting! I was just thinking about another Universal trip.


Do you know which months they have specials for or do I have to put in a quote request?

They are all posted here:

Thanks again! Texted my sister and requested a quote for December .

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They also have universal specials out for January and Febuary. I believe those are both Portifino.

Remember the Mardi Gras Parade starts in late Feb. BEADS!


Oh thanks for this! I’ve been waiting for 2023 numbers.
Unfortunately, nothing for my dates. I wonder, though, if this’ll mean other discounts start coming out soon. I have access to a handful of options through work, but so far, nothing available.

They have nothing beyond Feb.2023 that I know of. You can almost be sure they will though in the near future. If I were you I would contact a MVT agent, (we use Darcy), and set up a account,(no cost), This way they can contact you for tthe dates your interested in. So far Disney refuse to put out any specials like they used to, many because they don’t need to with the attendance they are now seeing. I have booked Oct 2022 and Feb. 2023. for MVT universal specials.

@FindMeAFishingSpot provided a link above with deals that go through December 2023.

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Thanks for posting this. I just got a really good deal on one night at HRH (in December), and another night at PBH ( in January).


I got a quote for a 3 night stay at HRH and I thought that was the nightly cost and not the entire stay. I couldn’t believe what I deal I got for first week in December.


Good for you! Remember MVT. :grin: