MVT? Changing Quote

Just wondering if anyone could help me out here! I received a quote from MVT for February, gave my credit card information and names for the booking and then after was notified that the quote I received for February was wrong and it would be $2400 more. Is there anyone you know of that I can contact, I just feel bummed that I was all ready to book and after giving my information it was changed to that much more and I didn’t change anything that I wanted. My credit card still has a charge on it for Room Only which I find strange since I asked for room, tickets and dining.

Did they say why the amount changed? (Ex. Forgot to add dining plan?) Personally, I would email a different agent and see if the amount is the same as your original quote or the new quote!!

Yes! That was exactly it she forgot to add in the dining plan, just thought it was off since in the emailed original quote it says Port Orleans, 8 nights, 2 adults 2 children, 7 day base tickets and Disney Plus Dining Plan. The price was great so I decided to book, gave all my credit card information and names and then 10 minutes later received an I am sorry email that her quote was wrong, I was charged on my credit card for a room only reservation though.

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I booked through MVT for February also! We did room only & tickets and they only charged the first night as a deposit.

I guess I will wait and see if it gets refunded back to the card, probably will take a few days. Really just want to get booked for February! Looking to go the 2nd through the 10th.

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