MVT Agents?

Can you recommend an MVT agent? I’m filling out the request form for the first time.

Brandi has been very good for us. She’s helped us with 6 trips so far and I’ve booked with her for my upcoming 3.

I would just email an agent directly.

Yes, contact an agent directly!! We used Samantha. Here is the link, just click on the name you are interested in contacting:

Darcy has been really helpful for me!

We have had Vickie helping us and she has been great!

Another Vote for Samantha

I’ve had a great experience with Jodi.

Don’t mean to hijack, but what is MVT and what is the benefit to booking through them?

Magical Vacations Travel - here is a Touring Plans blog post about them.

Another vote for Vickie

Anyone that is a member of the Touring Plans community is a “liner”. On this forum there is a link to a document that has contact for all liner travels agents. There are multiple liner TAs on the list. Why not look there?