MVT 2024 Agency Exclusive Deals

I noticed today that MVT has loaded 2024 Universal exclusive deals:

If you get a quote, please share it here.

Brandi, @SnowWhiteFan, is an amazing agent and helpful liner.


My December 2023 rate on one of these deals was $336.38 (all taxes and fees included) at Portofino. AP rates were cheaper during the week but I couldn’t find anything close for the weekend.

One real benefit of the MVT deals is they don’t charge for extra adults in the room.


I got a quote for one night (Tuesday) during the June special - Royal Pacific Resort was $505 a night.

I was sad there were no March specials…

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That rate does not seem to offer the same discount as in the past? I know my last December 2023 rate was higher than the December 2022 rate (3 nights HRH $740 total). I know the $505 rate is most likely $100 or more savings per night but is June much busier at Uni than Disney?

That rate is definitely higher than what I have gotten in the past. A lot higher. But that seems to be par for the course. I booked the Orlando Informer event again for February, expecting the same great hotel deals I have gotten through them in the past as well, but it was well over $600/night for the only premier hotel they had.

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What resort was that for?

I was suprised too. But I am paying $845 for one night the week before Easter. They really plus those rooms up. I think it relates to how much they charge for express pass.

My June date was the week when really every school in the country will have let out. I have a value studio at AKL, so we will just drive over.

Conversely, I was trying to see passholder rates for my March trip and it kept giving me rates for January 28-29. Passholder was $240 as opposed to the regular $404.

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I just checked my HHN booking (Portofino). Saturday ($555) and Sunday ($510). That rate is for an extra adult, pre-tax. After tax both nights total right under $1200. It is my total hotel bill for the year (DVC for everything else) and I grabbed it right away. I will see if I can do better with an AP rate later but I think this is a little less than my RPR AP rate last HHN

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I was trying to price a trip for my sister Feb 18-23 and RPR is $690 per night. She was flabbergasted to say the least. My niece is HP crazy right now and they wanted to take her to UOR for her winter break but IDK if they will go at that price and not even including tickets. I thought about checking the MVT rate for Feb but I see that it is for the previous week.

Edited to add: APs and an AP rate would probably help but no AP rooms available for RPR. She definitely wants express pass.

Royal pacific

And I just looked at my December rate at Portofino for the meet up - with valet parking, $365 for a night.

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I guess they are not giving great deals to any agency.

Big bummer