MVMCP - yes or no?


We decided to take the whole crew back next December 2015, will be there 12/5-12/15. I think MVMCP looks so cool, but is it worth the $500 in tix for us?

Mostly I'm concerned with crowds - I hate to pay that much to be shoulder to shoulder. How crowded is it usually? My kids won't be too interested in character M&Gs, maybe one or two, but how are ride lines and how far in advance do you need to get a spot for parade/fireworks?

I know there's no FP+ during the party but can you use FP+ for the 4-7 time?


I think you'll get mixed opinions on the crowds, as people go into it with different expectations. I went into it fearing it would be packed, but then I was pleasantly surprised - didn't find it really crowded at all (went on a Sunday in early December). It was pretty congested on Main Street, but really that was it. I had planned to do the second parade so I wouldn't have to wait long for a spot, but I ended up getting a spot for the first parade about 15 min ahead of time in Frontierland. (Easier to do for just one person!) I'm not much of a parade person, but I really thought that one was terrific! Special versions of Celebrate the Magic and Wishes were amazing! I ended up fitting in many more rides and characters than I'd expected to be able to do. Plus it was just fun to walk around the park with the special decorations all lit up, the amazing lights on the castle, the snow, etc. I really enjoyed it, so that's my two cents!


I really loved it last year... And Osbourn lights too. The parade, shows, special snacks, all super fun. Free cocoa all night! santa


Crowds/wait times vary depending on the party date - see We went in early December, and walked on to pretty much every attraction. Main Street for the shows and fireworks was a little crowded, but then again isn't WDW always "crowded" for those things? smile

Liners have reported that they have been able to get FPP for the 4-7 time using MVMCP tickets. If you really want to get your money's worth, be there at 4:00 and make sure that you are rested enough so that you will be able to stay until closing.


Yes if you haven't done it and esp if you can get there at 4pm. Not a repeat event for me having done it where as Not So Scary is a repeat. May be great for a mid-week thing to go as you could leave the morning and afternoon free to relax. Great time of year to be at WDW esp in terms of all the decorations resort wide.


I agree with @Sam2071. Tried it once, wont be a repeat for us. Great parade. We went on a Thursday so it didnt seem to crowded. We are not character chasers, mostly did the rides and parade. The cookies and coco were gross (sorry we didnt care for them.)

I would say go once and see what its about. You might love it and really get in the mood for Christmas.


Is it busier the closer to Chritmas we get? We will be there mid November and will probably go since ewe have not been before.


We went on a Friday-11/22 last year and loved the parade, castle lights show and Holiday Wishes. We had a good parade view near the popcorn stand by the path to Tommorowland that wasn't too crowded. I wish we could have stayed for the rides but our son got sick and we had to leave right after Wishes. I would definitely recommend doing it!


The parties tend to get busier closer to Christmas, but there is variation. Take a look at the link I posted earlier for more information.


My wife and I decided to try it twice just in case we ran out of time. We're glad we did. In terms of the crowds, we went on the Unofficial Guide's recommendation of Nov 10, 2014 saying that would be the least crowded of any of the MVMCP. Boy, if that was the least crowded, I can't imagine what the other days would've been like. The second time was Nov 13 and it did feel even more crowded. Nonetheless, if you decide to do it, just know that you cannot escape the crowds. It's part of that. But the nostalgia, the lighting of the castle, special fireworks show, and parades outweigh the crowd factor. I think most readers would agree because we bought the books to avoid the crowds and simplify wait times.

Skip the rides though. You're there for the Christmas presentation. Ride on another day.