MVMCP - worth it? Which one?

I know - it is still early :slight_smile: - but I looked at the TP post about the best and worst parties to go to.
I am still not 100% sure that I am going in Nov. I think some of it will depend on how much money I spend on my September trip. I have pretty much decided to get an AP when I go in Sept, so going in Nov will cost a lot less.
However the flights in Nov are really high right now, & I doubt they are going to come back down, so the only week that is reasonable to go is the first week. ($200 more the second week)
The week I am there are the first & second party nights. The 1st party has been selling out, and I watched the TP youtube video - it does seem VERY crowded.
I don’t know if the 2nd party the next day (Fri) is going to be much better.
So, is the party itself worth >$100 and is the high crowd level going to make me regret it?
I don’t care about the rides, it is all the rest of it that I want to experience.

Even a sold out party isn’t as crowded as a usual day. I think the parties are worth it.

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I think it’s so worth it. I do recommend you go on a weekday…Tuesdays seem to be the best day to go.