MVMCP: Where will Sandy Claws be?

I was searching google images of MVMCP and I saw Sandy Claws!!! Is he always there? Is the line horribly long? I just got very excited about this.


Sandy Claws was at the Big Top last year I think


Yes last year he was in the Storybook Circus tent but this years location has not been confirmed yet I don’t think (but likely to be the same place) He is one of the more popular M&Gs so line will be long.


He last year he came out early. We got in line right around 5-5:15 and it was only about 30 minutes.


Nice one! That’s definitely the way to do it, line up early! We didn’t meet Sandy Claws last year (a bit scary for my girls). Went for the Dwarfs but unfortunately did not manage to get in line early enough so queued for quite a long time!

Thanks! Does Disney release the locations on their website usually?

Is he usually expected to come out closer to 7pm like the Dwarfs?

I’ve read that people will stand in line and switch out with family, maybe I can convince my dad to do this with me since he doesn’t like to go on rides. :slight_smile:

He came out at 5pm the night we were there.

Thanks! I just discovered Kenny the Pirate and he has Sandy Claws scheduled to appear at 5p as well.