MVMCP tonight only!

What time did you get there? Thanks for sharing. This thread answers many of my questions. I’m glad it’s possible to purchase and use G+!

We got there about 3:05…well worth it to be right at the front of the party mob for entry. They let us in at 3:45. I’ll write a detailed report tomorrow.


Thanks for the intel!

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DS and I were there tonight too!! Hope you guys had a blast. I wonder if we crossed paths at some point. We entered around 4:15 (thru the regular line. Thank you PHs!) and grabbed our wristbands at Town Hall (City Hall?) also had LLs for JC and Thunder. :heart:


Now that I’ve been back in the “real” world for a day, I can update everyone on our Christmas party experience. In one word…amazing! :blush: Now the details…

I woke up at 7am to reserve an ILL for 7DMT. I was surprised that I could also purchase Genie+ for the day even though we only had a party ticket. Since it was just DS and me, and Genie + was $15 that day (Tuesday, November 15), I went ahead and got it for the two hours prior to park close. During the day I was able to stack Jingle Cruise, 7DMT (ILL), HM, BTMRR, and Splash.

DS and I arrived to check in at ASmovies around 11:00, and our room was ready! I had requested Toy Story section first floor, and we got Toy Story but second floor. I was okay with that since a room was ready!

Once we got settled in the room, we toured the resort. I was surprised by how small and close together everything really was. All of the over the top theming is super cute, and I loved the Fantasia themed pool. We ate lunch at the quick service there which was fine for us.

We then caught the bus to MK and arrived about 1:30. Since the party didn’t start until 4:00 and we didn’t have a day ticket, we rode the monorail over to the GF and spent a little over an hour browsing the shops and checking out the Gingerbread house. There were also a few photographers around, and I got a picture with the glass slipper!


Anyone know why my photos ended up in the middle of the post? :face_with_monocle:

Anyway, we left after touring Grand Floridian and went to MK by monorail. We arrived at the gate around 3:05 and were just a few people back for entry. At 3:30 CMs came around to scan magic bands and hand out wrist bands for the party. I asked one CM about Genie+, showed her my LLs on MDE, and she said she had never heard of anyone being able to book Genie+ on a party ticket only. I was a little worried that maybe it wouldn’t work after all, but all the LLs were showing in my account.

At 3:45 we were let through the taps and held at the entrance. Then just 5 minutes later they waved us in through into the park. DS and I just took in all the Christmas decorations on Main Street on our way to Jingle Cruise!

So, between 4 and 6, this is what we were able to ride with Genie+ and our ILL:
-Jingle Cruise

A little past 6, we headed back to Main Street and had dinner at Casey’s Corner. We then did some shopping along Main Street and made our way up to town square area and then directed behind Main Street to pick up our ornaments. Those had to be picked up by 8:00! We then did the following starting just a little past 7:00;
-SM with the Christmas overlay (20 minute wait)
-People Mover (walk on)
-Cookies and apple cider in Tomorrowland
-Buzz (walk on)
-Cookies and hot cocoa from Cosmic Rays
-Tomorrowland Speedway with Christmas overlay (walk on)
-Tea Cups with Christmas overlay (walk on)
-Meandering to the hub and taking in the Christmas sites and getting some pictures
-Mickey’s Christmas stage show in front of the castle
-Hanging out in the hub until Christmas fireworks at 10:00 These were awesome!!!
-Found a spot to sit on the curb along Main Street to wait for the parade.
-SNOW on Main Street!
-Christmas parade at 11:00
-One last ride on HM after the parade as is our traditional vacation ending ride
-Lantern photo by Rapunzel bathroom right around 11:58 pm on way out after HM!



Awesome report! Thanks for sharing. We are going to the party this Sunday but I doubt we’ll get as much accomplished as you guys!


Thanks for the report on G+ working for party tickets! We are going to the party this Sunday and have G+ and will be in AK earlier that day, but I was planning on just stacking for MK. Hoping to get Mickey Meet, Jingle Cruise, BTMRR, and POTC stacked to do before Skipper Canteen dinner at 6:30.

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Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a fantastic time! How were the lines for character meet and greets? I may skip it if the lines are too long.

Honestly, I didn’t pay any attention to the meet and greets. DS13 wasn’t interested, and I knew we had to budget our time. Our focus was on the rides with the Christmas overlays and the show, fireworks, parade, and cookies!

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We are not really into characters either! I will try to get one picture with a character (Mickey or Minnie), but that’s it.