MVMCP - To go or not to go?

We are going 12/15/17 thru 12/24 and want to try and do MVMCP but not sure if its worth it time wise and money wise (we have park hoppers). We love Christmas and don’t want to miss out, but if there’s the parade and fireworks you can only see during the party then we don’t want to miss it. But if they do the fireworks and parade anyway during normal days not sure what other reasons to go would be…unless if it’s less crowded during the party that might entice us more… but I’m planning on it being crowded during all hours anyway so… I just don’t know… any advice is extremely appreciated!

To me, the party is the most magical event I have even attended. I would go- but only you can judge what is best for your family. I do imagine you will be able t see the parade and fireworks- but most likely the crowds will be 10s. The party will limit how many people are in the park.

I think u should go. From what I read they’re should be less crowds for parade even though it’s a big attention drawer during the party . I can’t see there being More people than at a non party parade right?
Just wondering for myself, are there certain days for parties that are better than others, tues vs Sunday or Fridayfor crowds ? I’ve heard these parties r magical and can’t wait to surprise my kids . I didn’t even tell my husband about all the cool stuff that happens at the party. Still haven’t decided if it’s better to start off the trip with it the day after we arrive or more towards the end.

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Thank you…what do you think are the most magical things about the party? I’m leaning on going because I love Christmas and I love anything Disney so I really think I’d regret not going.

I read somewhere that less locals are going during the week and that the weekends can be more crowded. I think we are going on Tuesday the week we are there…might be better than Thursday of Friday before Christmas for crowds anyway. Now to decide if we stay in the Park all day before the party or park hop or tour the resorts and just do the party on that day.

For me, it was the combination of the parade and fireworks and the most accommodating and kind guests I have ever had the joy of sharing an experience with. Maybe it was the Christams spirit? I watched the parade in an area where everyone made sure all the children were up front and then all the adults worked together to position everyone so that we all had a great view. For the fireworks right before the show was going to start a few people moved in front of someone that was shorter and would not be able to see- people gasped- then everyone moved around making sure there was a great view- no children on shoulders, no iPads- everyone watching out for each other- once in a lifetime magic.

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If you can put it in the budget, it’s a no brainer. Go. It was absolutely amazing.

Thank you, thank you all for the advice… I am going to do it! I really don’t even really know why I was second guessing myself… Hoping to get tickets for Tuesday the 19th…

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We are going 12/15 - 12/22. We got 4 day park hoppers, and are doing MVMCP on Sunday, 12/17. We’ve gone the last two years and ABSOLUTELY loved it. There are indeed lower crowds, you just might not notice it much on Main Street/the Hub where all the parades, shows, fireworks take place. Otherwise, we did all the rides with under a 20 minute wait (even headliners) with most rides being under 10, and at the end of the evening last year we rode Mine Train towards the end of the party 6 times in a row, with only the time it took us to get out of our car and go back around through the queue. Just seeing everyone dressed in Christmas attire, and again, the joy of the season seems to be more evident on the party goers, and the CM’s faces. Both times we’ve picked up our Starbucks, gone to Main Street, and watched the fireworks as snow fell down. It’s just SO MAGICAL. On another note, we have 5 children, so it is by no means cheap; however, using it as one of our park tickets and not going to another park on the day of is key (in my opinion). We sleep in, go to brunch, and then just relax before entering the parks at 4:00. Sorry this is so long, but I am a believer in this party!!! :slight_smile:


OMG… we are going on 12/17 as well! I booked it last week hoping for lower crowds on Sunday vs later that week. I am so excited…I absolutely love love love Christmas. I’m just hoping they don’t close a lot of the headliner rides…kinda hoping to take advantage of those shorter lines after the fireworks.

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