MVMCP RFID cards and FPP

I ordered MVMCP tickets, linked them to dummy profiles with nicknames and ordered the RFID cards to have media to use at the FPP tapstiles.

Will the FPP day open up like the other one did where at 6:59 am you can’t make them but magically after refreshing the page at 7:00 am the whole thing opens up and you can choose your 3 attractions? My party tickets are for 12/1 so on 11/1 I should be able to make my choices.

Yes. They will open at day 30.

You might actually see FPP options open now. I am not sure if the MDE recognizes FPP entitlement is only for 12/1 or if MDE just sees one day of FPP entitlement. Check out your MDE and report back.

I tried making them earlier and it gave me the “HOLD UP” screen and said you need to link ticket media. When I look at my tickets though, they show as linked to the nickname personas.

Ok the system must be able to “see” the date. Your window should open 30 days before. Sounds like you did everything correct!

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Yay me!

Good luck! You’ll have to update and let us know if you get what you want, I’m always curious what’s available 30 days out…

So far everything I want. I got 7DMT, Space, & PPF at 60 days. The only things currently showing as unavailable are 7DMT and ETWB. I’m hoping to get the Mickey M&G, Tink M&G, and Under the Sea.

Looks like those are available so far still, at least for 1. I even saw PPF availability (for 1 but probably more than 1), it’s just starting to dwindle, earliest is around 2 pm.

Huh. Maybe it was because I was looking through my morning FPP for Space and didn’t change the parameters.

I booked my FPP on my dummy account which has my Xmas party tickets on it today. I am 30 days out. Normally access would open up at 12.00 noon in the UK but because our clocks went back last night i was able to book my FPP when I logged in at 11.20 (I forgot to check at 11 am!). Nearly everything was available then but when I logged in a bit later there was no availability for Belle, SDMT, Space, Pan and Ariel M&G. I booked FPP for the afternoon but I noticed that I was being offered times in the morning, even though this is on my party ticket! I had thought that I would only have options from mid afternoon with the party ticket. Hope you all get what you want! :blush:

Forgot to say that was for a party of five.

Thanks for posting, I’m after Mickey M&G, Mermaid & small world at 30 days, so I’m hoping I should be fine.

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Yes you should be ok for those, hope you get what you want.

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