MVMCP Questions

Thinking of going to the Xmas party week b4 thanksgiving. I’ve not been b4. Could be 2 or possibly up to 8 adults in our party.

1.) Seems as if the ticket for party can be purchased w.o. having to buy that day’s park ticket as well?

2.) Sounds as if they sell out pretty early. especially if larger group of us, should I be buying asap?

3.) If some of folks decide not to go, are tickets ever refundable?

4.) Saw that we’re allowed in park at 4 pm. Can we go on rides at that time as well as 7pm ticket time?


  1. Yes, you do not need a regular park ticket, and you can enter MK using your party ticket starting at 4:00

  2. Many of the dates do not sell out - see for information on last years dates/crowds

  3. Some people have reported being able to get a friendly CM to issue refunds, but I would not rely on this. If the date you are interested in is not likely to see out, wait until everyone commits before you buy.

  4. You can do everything in the park starting at 4:00

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Thank you @brklinck. Great info. Yes, think I’ll buy for 2, then let the others know where to buy for themselves, and take it from there. I’ll check that link you’ve given, to be able to give my friends a better timeline re how asap they should decided whether to meet us or not.