MVMCP - Questions

We are debating adding on the Christmas party on either Thursday December 13 or Friday December 14. To help decide is Thur or Friday better? It will be my husband, myself, and 2 boys 5 and 2. Also my 5 year old wants to meet Jack. Can husband line up early (we have park tickets) and have son join when he is closer or do they want you to wait as a group. Just trying to decide if it’s worth it with two younger kids. Thanks

That should help.

As for meeting Jack it should be fine for DH to do most of the waiting on your behalf. For most queues this is not recommended but Jack is outdoors and the group takes up one spot no matter how large or small. For indoor queues this is much harder as everyone needs to snake through the crowd.

Jack has moved inside this year, he is now inside Town Square Theater.
We plan on switching off who is in line on 12/7 (all adults), so it should be perfectly fine for you as well @HelloKitty626.


That makes it harder. But not impossible

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Thank you, he can wait for some of the time but if the wait is an hour I was hoping to only make him wait about half of it

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