MVMCP Plans- do they start at 4 or 7?

Do the plans anticipate you are going into the park at 4 and start then or they would start at 7 when the party starts?

You can get in from 4pm, you can book FPP 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, I also reccomend eating before 7pm. If there are any party characters you have to see, queuing 30/60 mins before they are due to start is adviseable

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I did get fast passes so that’s great! I was wondering what time the plans start at bc it says you shouldn’t optimize

I’m going for a weekend and only park time is a Christmas party. I’m not able to book fp+ prior to arrival , correct? That’s my understanding, hopefully I’m wrong

I don’t have park tickets only party and I have 3 fast passes from 3-5

You should be able to book FPP just not during party hours. They have to be booked before the party begins.

You should definitely book 3 FP at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30! There is only an issue sometimes if you also have park passes for other days (on those occasions people like me have been sent an email saying they are over their allotted FP but then Disney has been working with them to keep the FP)

Got my FP+’s. Thanks liners. I have a couple different hotel reservations; if weathers nice I’m staying at yacht club to use pool, if my work is slow leading into holidays I’m staying at moderate instead of deluxe , etc. What do I have to do to make sure fp+ are not deleted when I cancel superfluous reservations.

There is no worry that they will be canceled. Especially at 30d out you don’t even need a resort reservation to make FP. But even before then you will still have a resort reservation anyway.