I am trying to create a plan for our night at MVMCP. I started out with a pre-made plan for adults. I am trying to customize the plan to accommodate the fast passes I have. When I do this it gives me a 3 hour gap between attractions. It has me at Buzz at 4:32 and then nothing until the Totally Tomorrowland Christmas Party at 7:30. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to fix this or what I am doing wrong?

Are you hitting optimize or evaluate?


If you hit evaluate you have to put the Order in which you do attractions. So if you listed your first attraction then listed the Tomorrowland party next, it thinks you want to do in that order and obviously the party begins at 730. It takes longer to do this way but I always do the evaluate and move things around til i am pleased with the plan. I like to do it so I can limit walking or hit our must do attractions first then if plan gets behind and we miss something it doesn’t matter so much