MVMCP on December 5

We have a Universal trip planned for the first week of December and decided to do MVMCP on Thursday that week. I didn’t realize Rise of the Resistance opens that day. Any thoughts on whether or not that will effect the crowd around WDW/MK or Orlando in general that day or week?


I have no idea, but I’ll be at that party :smile:


I’m in the middle of making a TP for that date right now. TP has it as a CL1, but that seems very optimistic. The first week of December is traditionally a good time to go, but with RotR opening it is going to be busier than usual.

I would expect the majority of crowds to be at DHS that day though.

I’m hoping most of the crowd will be at DHS, but I was starting to second guess my whole plan to even venture into that side of Orlando on that day…

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