MVMCP Merchandise - Can I buy the Parade Music and DVD?


Hi, just wondered if you can purchase a DVD of the parade at Mickeys V M Christmas Party? Is there a CD available with the music on and what other souvenirs are usually available please?


I believe there are t-shirts and I know there are a special set of Christmas Party pins for sale on Main Street. The pins are special for each particular party I think, then if there are left overs from other party nights you can buy those, too. I think we scored only 2 different pins last year. At the Halloween party they do the same thing, and one year we scored four different Halloween party pins.


Yes they definitely have shirts and pins, we got a MVMCP Mickey & Friends and Haunted Mansion pin last year. They do ask you to show your party ticket to be able to purchase those.


Thanks for your replies, I appreciate it. We will definitely aim to get pins and would also like a t-shirt! Its good to know that the pins are party specific. Anyone know about parade DVD's? Thanks.