MVMCP Merchandise - Can I buy the Parade Music and DVD?

Hi, just wondered if you can purchase a DVD of the parade at Mickeys V M Christmas Party? Is there a CD available with the music on and what other souvenirs are usually available please?

I believe there are t-shirts and I know there are a special set of Christmas Party pins for sale on Main Street. The pins are special for each particular party I think, then if there are left overs from other party nights you can buy those, too. I think we scored only 2 different pins last year. At the Halloween party they do the same thing, and one year we scored four different Halloween party pins.

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Yes they definitely have shirts and pins, we got a MVMCP Mickey & Friends and Haunted Mansion pin last year. They do ask you to show your party ticket to be able to purchase those.


Thanks for your replies, I appreciate it. We will definitely aim to get pins and would also like a t-shirt! Its good to know that the pins are party specific. Anyone know about parade DVD’s? Thanks.