MVMCP: Logistic Qs about parade and A Frozen Holiday Wish

Hellooooo :slight_smile:

Question 1: Currently on our TP for MVMCP I have us heading over to watch the 6:30p show of FHW. As of now we wouldn’t get there till about 6:15p…maybe 6:10p. We will be coming from 7DMT. Will we be able to see the show if we arrive this late? We have two parents in wheelchairs and two kids in a double stroller in our party of 7.

Question 2: Is there a good spot near the HM for us to watch the parade? My husband and I are thinking about sneaking off to ride the HM together and leaving his mom and our kiddos to watch the parade. Originally I had planned to go to Pecos Bill to watch, but it’s on the opposite side of the street. I’m assuming that it would be hard to sit there and get over to HM once the parade starts? And I’m not sure how early we’d have to leave our group to get across before the parade starts.

This leads into…Question 3: if making the 6:30 show is unrealistic, where would be a good spot to watch the 8:15p FHW show and then the 8:30p parade? And about how early would we need to be at the spot?

My parents will probably leave the park around 7p so we won’t have to worry about wheelchairs at that point.

Thank you very very much :slight_smile: !!!

I would try to make the early FHW show. It can be quite crowded since day visitors and party goers are both there but you should be able to hear the dialog and definitely clearly see the lighting.

I would try to see the parade near The Hall of Presidents. There is a curb area, and even a small wall to sit on near there.

Thank you! Do you think if we get to the Hall of Presidents around 7:50-8pm we should be able to get a spot?

I think so but you never know. For some reason I always have an easier time finding a spot during the Halloween party.