MVMCP Last Night

DId anyone go to MVMCP last night? How were the crowds? What were the character meets like? Anything new?

sorry to reply with a tweet (hes from The Dis)…seems it was quite busy:

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I was just watching their video from last night there and they were saying how crowded it was.

I know that was a frequent complaint for the Halloween parties this year too.
Is there data kept on how many tickets are being sold to these parties and whether Disney is really cramming more people in or if it’s just in our heads?

From what I understand, last night was a sold out party.

From what I’ve heard on Dis and TP youtube videos, Disney doesn’t release party ticket numbers. Just sold out or not sold out.

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Shannon Albert w/ WDW Prep School was there the last two nights and said it was super crowded. She said the wait time for rides wasn’t so bad, but for characters and in the hub/main street it was definitely crowded.

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Thanks for all the comments. I watched the DIS video too and it seemed more crowded than I expected, but I’ve never been to MVMCP or MNSSHP.

I haven’t been to MVMCP yet (we go on 12/7), but last year we went to 3 MNSSHP’s and found them to be very low crowds compared to what I expected based on what I kept hearing people say. We go to WDW every Spring Break, often around Easter and compared to that, MK felt empty. I am curious to see how MVMCP compares. I think if you are used to going during a high crowd time (or used to Disneyland at medium crowds as it always feels packed there to me), the parties will not seem that crowded. If you are used to low to moderate crowds, then it probably feels more crowded.

We are going on Friday, so I can update you all on that this weekend. I’m used to going in the summer with 6-8 crowd levels, so we’ll see.

Any suggestions on where to stand for the parade? We want to see the snow on Main Street, but like everyone else, don’t want to be sitting on the curb for an hour ahead of time. I don’t think DS6 and DS9 will make it to the later parade, so of course we’ll be at the more crowded earlier one.

I have heard they are selling way more tickets this year.

I went last year and it was lovely. We rode everything in the MK and ate lots of snacks. Saw fireworks and parade and had a ball. Even met a couple of characters.

I will be there in early December and opted out of going to a party. That may change while I’m there, just because I have some unplanned time due to my return flight being changed by the airline, thus allowing me to stay a little longer. (What a terrible problem to have, right? :joy:)

For me solo? It was worth it. I wouldn’t take the whole family to the tune of nearly $600 though. My kids already don’t use most of the fastpasses we manage to end up with. They aren’t into parades, and as for characters? That one is hit or miss with them!! I tend to let them loose when we are there and catch up later…and they never spend more than 2-3 hours in one park.

Where are you hearing this? As above, I’m not aware of Disney releasing any numbers. They seem to play that very close to the vest.

I haven’t heard any numbers, since we know Disney never releases numbers. But I’ve heard from several CMs that more tickets were being sold for both the MNSSHP and MVMCP this year. We were at WDW until Oct 29th and EVERY night still had tickets available, and yet the wait times were kind of absurd every night when I checked them. I couldn’t believe there were still tickets though!!

I don’t know if what I was told is true or not, just saying what I’ve heard. I also think I read a blog post somewhere, but I am terrible at remembering things like that! This is the only Disney site I have bookmarked and check on a regular basis (and even then I don’t always remember to check! :woman_facepalming:t3:)

Friends who’ve gone to parties for years said the MNSSHP felt more crowded this year. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I just know when we went to the MVMCP last December (it was mid-December on a Sunday) tickets were sold out and I felt like the park was utterly dead compared to how it felt before they cleared the park for party guests. Granted, it was my first day EVER in the Magic Kingdom and I had been flying all night, so please take that with a grain of salt!! I am in no way shape or form any type of WDW expert. (Maybe in a couple of years? :joy: Since I seem to average 7-8 trips a year out there?)



We went on Friday night and was really crowded. The hub and Main Street were packed for the Frozen Holiday Wish and the first parade. It wasn’t as bad back in the park but ride times weren’t that short. TS was 25 minutes. Yes that is what I’m reduced to riding with 2 boys.

We went 11/15 (Thursday) and it certainly felt busy in the areas where the shows and parade were, but in other places it was more open. My DH and DS8 waited about 25 minutes for 7DMT. During that time, my DD5 and I rode Tea Party three times with only one cycle in between. She was in heaven! And we did a little shopping. Tomorrowland Speedway was 15 minutes. We also rode PP (15 min) and iasw(walk on). We got there at 6pm and saw the castle lighting at 615pm. Then we did some rides and ate dinner. Then we watched the fireworks (AMAZING!!). We caught the Mickey’s Most Merriest while waiting for the photopass photographer in front of the castle. Then we watched the parade (11pm) from in front across from the Country Bear Jamboree. After that we walked onto Jingle Cruise and only had like two families on the boat. My son protested, but said it was the highlight of the night for him.

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My sons protested the JIngle Cruise at the party too, but went on it anyway and then wanted to go on it again the next day. :slight_smile:

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I read somewhere that the first two MVMCPs of the year were some of the most crowded because some families like to do the last MNNSHP at the start of their trip and then end with MVMCP

This indicates they are seeming more crowded too.