MVMCP — have I made a horrible mistake?

Assuming MVMCP is a similar thing to MNSSHP I booked myself a ticket. Only now am I excitedly reading reviews and discovering it’s horrendously over-crowded with no FPPs during the night and queues that stretch all the way to Epcot.

Have I made a horrible mistake?

Ehhh In your case, since you didn’t really like the halloweeen parade (regardless of circumstances) I would say “probably”, BUT only if you go in without tempered expectations. So if you adjust your expectations to simply to take in the decor, parade, and drink yourself stupid with hot chocolate? I think you’ll be good.

My only problem with BTY was it was delayed because of rain and there was no headless horseman. I liked the parade and the music.

I thought the fireworks were pretty lame. I might skip those and get some rides in.

My experience with the Christmas Party was that the parade and fireworks crowds built up early, but the crowd was so kind! Generally, the combination of Disney and the Christmas spirit is magical. The fireworks and parade make the event a must do for me.

Edited to add , the fireworks - since they are border fireworks , are designed to be experienced in the hub.

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We did MNSSHP on Halloween :ghost: all the reviews said it would be packed but we didn’t think it was that bad … if anything we liked the atmosphere more with more people in the parc … we got loads of rides in as well catching all the entertainment. Was a good call booking this … you won’t regret it …

I’m too scared to admit that I booked Tony’s Most Merriest Town Square Party for the primo parade viewing experience. The parade is actually a major draw for me — it looks amazing.

But if the fireworks are like the MNSSHP ones I’m happy to skip them. HEA is way better. Plus I might watch them from BTMRR!


Stupid autocorrect. That should have said “party”, not parade! Lol

I must admit the MNSSHP I went to (August last year) was lacking it atmosphere because it was so empty. As was DAH in June this year.

I have been trying to follow along on the recent threads but haven’t been able to keep up over the holiday weekend. So foremost congrats on the trip! I don’t think you could go during the holidays and not go to the party. It is a must! And I was going to recommend the Town Square Party as a definite must for you as well. I am not doing it with my family because I’m not wanting to pay $100 for each of my kids. But that view of the parade will be amazing and well worth it for you. I think just go into the party with an idea of what you want to accomplish and you will have an amazing time. If you haven’t ever checked out WDW prep site, there is some good advice there for MVMCP also on BOG podcasts. You may find a cancellation for JBJB party. I think you chose the better night to attend MVMCP. You also don’t need the dessert party to see JBJB so maybe just as well to skip that one.

We went on 11/15 and really enjoyed the party. The fireworks are amazing! The parade was fun. Note the smells that accompany some floats. The Mickey’s Most Merriest was fun. The lit castle was beautiful. We didn’t do any character meets and just went on a few rides with reduced lines. It was all out fun for me and my family!

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The parade is amazing and having it snow on Main St is magical. I considered booking the party at Tony’s for that reason–the parade viewing is supposed to be perfect.

That is exactly my plan when I do the party.

We happened to be on the people mover as the castle changed to icicles…it was magical and so was the dance party in front of the castle! Crowded but kind was true for us as well!


No, you didn’t. Since you’ll be there for Christmas and (I assume) most likely never again, I would go. It’s on the same level as MNSSHP. Same structure. I love the parade, and the fireworks were better in person than on YouTube. They gave me the warm and fuzzies. I also agree that people are more likely to be kind at MVMCP vs MNSSHP. Have fun! :slight_smile:

ETA: oh! Don’t miss the castle lighting!


We went on November 12 and I didn’t find the crowd level that bad. After FP time was over we stuck to rides like Jingle Cruise, Carpets, Teacups, Carrousel, Dumbo and they were fine but didn’t attempt anything that would have had a longer line. We watched the 1st parade in Liberty Square and it did take us a little time to find a decent viewing spot as it was close to parade time but we did find one. The parade was really good (I still give the edge to Boo to You, but it was close). We hit some of the treat spots (DD was a big fan of the snow cones), watched the fireworks from a side on view, and watched a little of the show on Main Street (and got to experience snow) on our way out. We debated staying for the 2nd parade there as we had a decent spot but decided DD needed to get to bed. Oh & this year I remembered to buy my party-exclusive merchandise rather than kick myself after the fact.


We are going tonight. I will let you know what we think. First time to a hard ticket event, so all new to me. I have my touring plan all ready to go!

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Not at all. When we went in 2016, the party was one of my very favorite events so much so that when we are going back next year, I had to alter our plans to be able to include the party. We are going over Thanksgiving week and since they don’t have a party during the week, we are going to drive down on Friday before and go to the party that night.

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We were there on Tuesday, 11/27. The only time it felt crowded to me was for the 11 p.m. parade. Used 2 fastpasses prior to the start of the party. Walked on to 3 other attractions. With the party entertainment and shopping for party merch, there was no time for more attractions. They started letting party guests in at 3:45 which was a very pleasant surprise. Treat lines were well managed and moved quickly. I brought a tote bag to carry all of the cookies.