MVMCP Favorite Rides to Ride

We are attending the MVMCP in November and I was wondering what everyone likes to ride during that party? We plan on meeting some of the characters and seeing the parades, wishes, etc. As for the rides I am not sure which ones will be the best to enjoy during the evening.

You can enjoy lots of the rides with little to no wait. We did that with just about everything last year! 7DMT had a wait but it was short. :slight_smile:

The rides we really enjoy at night are BTMRR, Splash, 7DMT, TTA, and if you have kids maybe dumbo.

I agree with these! Although never ridden BTMRR, this year will be our first time! Is it that much better at night? I’ve heard this before…

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I just happen think most outdoor rides are better at night. The scenery is generally well lit and looks a bit more believable in the dark lol. Plus we just prefer nights all the time because they tend to be cooler.


I like BTMRR and Space- both multiple times but also 7DMT and PP because I never get to see those queues.

Agree with the idea that the outdoor rides are better (or at the very least a different experience) at night.

Can you use FP+ with a MVMCP tickets?

Only for the hours before the party and it has to be done by 6:30. So you can enter at 4:00 but you need to book at 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30.