MVMCP dates have been announced, advice needed please?

The MVMCP dates have been announced and it doesn’t finish till the 22nd, which is later than expected, and means we can no longer go for free. As a first timer with DH, DD5 & DD7 is it worth the money. We are willing to pay extra for an evening in the MK with lower crowds, but the research I’ve done suggests this isn’t always the case anymore. Any advice and thoughts much appreciated. If we do go does that mean we’ll have 6FP? and can they all be used in the morning?

Not quite sure what you mean by this.

For the past few years there has been a TP blog post that looks at all of the party dates and indicates which ones may be less crowded. At any rate, on many dates the park may seem more crowded, but because of all the special shows the lines for rides can be quite short.

If I recall correctly, having a party ticket does not give you any more FPP entitlements - you still are limited to making 3 reservations per day.

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Thank you, we’ll have a normal ticket for the day as well. I’m a bit confused as TP shows the Mickey’s Christmas parade on days the party isn’t happening but it might not be updated yet. We are leaving 19/20th and the last day of the party is the 22nd. Is it on everynight after that, and do they also do the parade and special fireworks before the 22nd on nights the party isn’t taking place please. One last question please, can you roughly determine the CL at the ticket events by the CL during the day and the overall CL of all the parks? Thank you.

In the past at some point close to Christmas WDW switches the MK evening parade and Wishes over to the holiday versions - we will know for sure when they do this when they release the December operating calendar.

Regular CLs might give you a rough idea of party crowds, but I wouldn’t rely on them. Keep an eye out for a TP Blog post with crowd predictions for the parties - hopefully they will do it again this year.

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In my opinion, no. If was glad that I did it mostly because I couldn’t get FPP for 7DMT. The cookies weren’t very good., I tossed the second one. I would only do it again if I was with someone who hasn’t been. If this is a first for you, book it.

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Thank you. I’ll wait and see how much the tickets are this year. Does anyone know/guess the maximum amount of tickets that can be sold for a night? Or does it vary on time of year? We would like one evening in the MK to see the night only entertainment, and our priorities are keeping the crowd level low and not being up late. So which night should we go please?
Wed 14th MKCL5, RWCL4, Wishes 10pm. It’s our first full day and even with an afternoon nap, I’m not sure how late we will be able to stay up. We are coming from the UK and by 8pm, the kids body clocks might be telling them it’s 1am.
Thur 15th MKCL3, RWCL3, Wishes 9:30pm, & MVMCP
Fri 16th MKCL4, RWCL5, Wishes 9:30pm, & MVMCP
Sat 17th MKCL8, RWCL7, Wishes 8pm
Sun 18th MKCL8, RWCL8, Wishes 9:30pm, & MVMCP
Mon 19th MKCL9, RWCL9, Wishes 8pm

If we do MVMCP and have a regular ticket can we do 6FP in the morning please?

That is a Disney secret. :wink:

When we went to MVMCP in 2012 we went on a day that was later documented as one of the “least crowded” party days. That being said, it was quite crowded for viewing Wishes and the first evening parade. So, spending extra money on party tickets just for lower crowds for the parade and wishes might not be a good value for your money.

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Thank you, would I be right in thinking the party nights will always have less crowds than a non party night? And I presume thur 15th would have the lowest evening MK crowds?

Usually, but keep in mind that the CL predictions take all of this into account, so you can compare days directly.

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