MVMCP & CP week of Thanksgiving 2018?

I have been pining for a visit to the World for the Christmas festivities for a while now and it seems the that the week of Thanksgiving next year will work with the many school schedules my family is juggling. We are looking at being there Saturday before Thanksgiving to Thursday (Thanksgiving day). But, when I look at this year’s schedule for MVMCP there are no parties the week of Thanksgiving. Is this something they normally do? Will I miss out on the MVMCP if we go then? Does the Candlelight Processional always start the day after Thanksgiving? Is it worth going for all the other holiday happenings even if we’ll miss that?

I was there the week before Thanksgiving and they had either 2 or 3 then. I am pretty sure they had some during the week as well.

Smart choice in going to the party. One of the best parts of our trip. I always tell someone, if you can fit it in the budget, you need to go. I had an absolutely amazing time and made memories that will last a lifetime. I wish I could go again, but the next time we are going will be in June, so no party then.

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I would love to go to the party, but I’m worried I can’t make it work with the time we’ll be there.

I went the week of Thansgiving last year and there were no MVMCP days that whole week. I think its because it’s so packed, they would probably lose money having less people in the parks those nights, but that’s just my opinion.

That’s what I’m afraid of. I so want to go to MVMCP!