MVMCP & CP reservation timing

We’re heading to MCMCP & just snagged a 3:55 reservation for Crystal Palace. We have no park ticket other than the MVMCP. I hear they let people in at 4:00pm. What are the chances that I can make it to that reservation? I’m thinking I’ll have to cancel it. Thoughts?

I think you may be a couple of minutes late but you will be fine.


Do you know if they always let party goers in at 4pm? Thanks!

They do! You may even get a few minutes befor that.


Perfect! Thanks so much!

Arrive early to be at the front of the pack.


I think b/c of your reservation and MVMCP tickets they’ll be nice and let you in a few minutes early. Plus most restaurants give a grace period of 10-15 minutes usually.

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Head to the regular park entrance, NOT the entrance designated for MVMCP, and show the CM your MVMCP ticket and your dining reservations… they will most likely let you in 20min prior to your ADR even though it’s not 4pm yet.

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Why do you say that? I do not think a CM will ever let you in without a valid ticket and the party ticket must be scanned when the system is set up.


If you head to the gates they have set aside for MVMCP, you’ll be held back with the masses. This happened to us at MNSSHP: we had a dining reservation, not prior to the party entrance time but too soon to make it through the mass of people at the dedicated MNSSHP gates, so I walked up to the regular entrances and they sent us right on through.

You are assuming that @aimeep123 will not arrive early as @OBNurseNH suggested. I would never put a CM at risk and ask him/her to let me in through the regular line without a valid ticket to enter at that time.