MVMCP and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

No fastpass available for 7DMT on Sunday Dec 6 but we will be attending MVMCP on Tuesday Dec 8. Should we skip the 7DMT line on Sunday and plan to ride it during MVMCP? Assuming the line will be much shorter during MVMCP. Any prediction on what the wait time for 7DMT will be during MVMCP?


Last year I did 7DMT after the fireworks and it was about 20-25 minutes. Be careful though! It broke down during the MNSSHP I attended!

We did it during MNSSHP just before the park closed - it was essentially a walk-on at that point. The sign said 30 minutes, but we timed it out at 11.

We plan to do it at party closing as well. Hoping the strategy pays off.