Must see Christmas decorations?

Does anyone have any MUST-SEE holiday decorations/displays?
We leave tomorrow (yahoooo!!!) and this will be our first time during the holiday season. My husband was just watching a video of the gingerbread house being assembled at the Grand Floridian and thought that would be worth checking out.
We are staying at Boardwalk.

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The trees in the lobby at WL - definitely a must see!

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AKL, WL, and GF.

Beautiful castle and Main St is festive.

Since you’re at the Boardwalk, BC and YC are both definitely worth seeing.

I think the BC is my favourite of all!

We stay at WL so we are partial to that. But we always make sure we see the gingerbread house at GF and the chocolate carrousel at BC and the candy village-train setup at YC.

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Here’s a blog post I did a couple of years ago after doing an MK resort tour…

If you look in the archives of the blog you’ll find a multi-part trip report back from 2012…