Must have been living under a rock

I’ve been so wrapped up in CRT adrs, MNSSHP, and HDDR that I honestly didn’t realize we are there during food and wine. Please don’t ridicule, just give me some good suggestions :). 4 adults, three 1st time and from Ireland (they will enjoy the wine).

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This might be helpful:


@laurel posted this link in the food and wine thread:

Here’s a link to the brochure:

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We didn’t eat a real meal one day, and just had an alcoholic beverage and a snack from each country. It was so much fun!


Holy smokes! Each country? Literally? You must have been wearing your drinking shoes. :slight_smile:

I’ll be honest, we did share our drinks, so that did cut our intake by half. Except in Mexico. HAD to have my own Avocado Margarita!!

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We did three lunches at F&W and tried a large portion of items. We got to the park at 11, stayed until 1ish on all 3 days!

Try to be in the world showcase about 1045 on a non weekend day for less crowds. Enjoy!! Don’t forget to pick up a passport for the food booths. You can keep track of what you tried, also each country will stamp your book.

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Where do u get the passport? I will be there during the start. Thanks!