Must Do Snacks

I was just trying to find a list of can’t miss snacks, but for some reason I can’t find it.

What’s your list?


Pym’s just made the list with their elote pretzel (yum)
Cozy Cone: Bacon Mac n Cheese
Flo’s breakfast Tamale
Clam Chowder bread bowl from either wharf OR the QS above Pirates
Pretty much anything from wharf tbh
Ghirardelli’s hot chocolate
Mint Julep from the Julep Bar
A stop at Alien Planet

Special mention to Award Weiners for the exceptionally yummy sidewinder fries smothered in cheese and bacon. Only seen at Boogie Bash though sad trombone


One of the highlights of our 2017 trip was the “secret” menu item at Golden Horseshoe, Ice Cream Nachos.

DFB has an old article on them and talks about how you could still get them after being removed from the menu since waffle bowls were still there, but they don’t seem to be anymore. :cry: It may be worth asking about if you have any interest.


I had no idea, thank you!

Bengal BBQ skewers
Bao from tropical Hideaway
Route Beer Float from Cozy Cone
Classic Dole Whip
Elote (not the pretzel)
Angry Dog spicy hotdog
Little Red Wagon corn dog
Any pastry from Jolly Holiday


How did I forget beignets from Mint Julep!!

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Cream cheese pretzels!

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Would you happen to be the famous Bubblez whose survey was discussed by Len Testa and Jim Hill on the Disney Dish this week?


:joy: Yes, she is!!


It’s me!


A lot of time in here exchanging ideas with fellow theme park fans went into that survey response.

And a little frustration with Disney.

Unless your actually checking about my 33 application and then I have no idea what you’re talking about! :joy: