Must do food at each park

What are you must do foods at each park? Traveling with DD5 and DS8, neice 26 and brother 48 who haven’t been for about 15 years, husband and myself.
For last 2 years, nuclear family has gone and focused on character meal a day for kids. This time, want to balance it out.
Epcot must do akershus for breakfast, and possible garden grill ( nostalgic for all)
Hollywood studios best meal last time was 50 prime time, Anything else remarkable?
Animal kingdom must include Tusker house.
Magic Kingdom cannot remember anything spectacular, have done Cinderella twice, could be a skip. Seems like Crystal palace was fine.

What is your can’t miss we might try? October, so epcot has plenty of new options. What about other parks?

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These are our must-do TS Restaurants:

Disney Springs
Raglan Road

Magic Kingdom
Crystal Palace Breakfast

Monsieur Paul (signature)

Animal Kingdom
Tamu Tamu for Dole Whip Float with Rum
Tiffins (signature)

Hollywood Studios

Sanaa x 2
Flying Fish
Trattoria al Forno Bon Voyage Breakfast



That’s a new one - Meh :wink:


My DH and I love the Brown Derby at HS.

MK: Be Our Guest, Pecos Bills, Hubby likes Columbia Harbour House
AK: Flame Tree BBQ
HS: we love 50s Prime Time too! :slight_smile:
EP: I have literally spent all of my remaining snack credits at Les Halles on previous trips!
Le Cellier (if only for the pretzel bread and beer cheese soup)
Wilderness Lodge: Whispering Canyon Cafe

My family’s “must do” list includes 'Ohana Breakfast, Biergarten, Satu’li, and Tusker House.

Must get items include:

MK: Dole Whip (can also get other places)
HS: Butterfinger Cupcake (it is a new iteration so I don’t know if we’ll like it as much)
EP: Norway Bakery treat and Karamel Kuche treat
AK: Elephant Ear from Kusafiri


Yeah I heard that they changed it so now the outer frosting is peanut butter rather than Vanilla butter cream- it is more peanutty now, smaller, and they changed the name. Bummed b/c I was all excited to try the original one.

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Call me crazy, but I HAVE to get one of the giant cinnamon rolls from Gaston’s Tavern…

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I love these food threads, I’m learning a lot! I’ve always cared more about venue and atmosphere. That’s why SciFi is top on our list of TS restaurants because it’s fun and we’ve always gone there, so there are lots of memories- it’s definitely a must-do on our list. California Grill is second because of the view & fireworks.

But I know the eating experience itself is really important and I should pay attention to where the best actual food is, because two of my “kids” have started to cook and they really care about the quality of the offerings- whereas I’ll be happy with a drink in my hand and maybe some chips- as long as the setting is desirable.

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MK: Mickey Bars
Epcot: Mickey Bars
DHS: Mickey Bars
AK: Mickey Bars

I absolutely loved Ohana, but my wife said she could take it or leave it.


Does Ohana give you two Mickey Bars for the price of one? :grin: