What are good songs/artist to listen to while working out? Not terriblely picky about genre. I have a few favorites but looking to mix it up a bit.

Personally I like music that has lyrics I connect to, that spur me on in my workout and my overall journey to my goal. A couple of favorites:

Rascall Flatts: Unstoppable
Miley Cyrus: The Climb (don’t judge - just focus on the lyrics LOL)
Macklemore: Glorious
Imagine Dragons: Thunder
Cake: Going the Distance

I have tons more, but I hear even a single line in a song that I connect with and it wins a spot on my playlist.

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Meghan Trainor. That CD is just so fun.

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I really like GirlTalk. He meshes a bunch on different music together but it’s all fast beats. I think you can download it for free. It does have dirty language, FYI. It always keeps me going.

Also, I really like the app Aaptiv. It’s coaching for all different types of stuff in your earbuds including outdoor running, treadmill running, weightlifting, etc. It is really great. I have seen my times get better consistently by using it. It is $10/month, but I have a guest pass for a month if you’re interested. They also have race training plans as well. I cannot speak highly enough about this app.

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Whenever I hear "It’s time by Imagine Dragons I think of Disney, as I listened to it alot when I planned our last trip.


That’s my 10K PR song actually :smiley:

I listened to that over and over during the training cycle that earned me that time. And I listened to it just before the race started. I can still picture standing there in the morning sun in Market Square in Portsmouth NH, surrounded by all the other racers but totally in my own zone. I did SO MUCH mental work for that race, so much visualization…

That’s a super special song for me :heart:


I would love the pass!!!

I’ll need your email address. Is there a way to direct message here?

New Anthem: This Is Me, Keala Settle, from The Greatest Showman. Just tested it out on a run this morning. POWERFUL

“Look out cuz here I come” :wink:

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Well, I will work out to anything. I don’t need music to pump me up or anything when I’m running.

Sometimes I’m listening to musicals, worship music, classical, bluegrass, movie soundtracks, CCM, etc.

When I’m running on a treadmill I do prefer lyrics to keep my mind from thinking about how boring it is, although when I listen to epic movie soundtracks or classical, I find myself conducting the orchestra, so even that works well.

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Sorry, I can’t help there! I listen to podcasts while I’m running. Keeps my brain busy, and then I only have to think about the running if something that truly demands my attention comes up.


Oh, yeah. Sometimes I listen to audio books through hoopla.

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My workout jam is anything from Madonna’s Erotica album era. So many good House Mixes and dance beats to get you movin’ fast. Underrated album and excellent for the gym! Just skip the ballads or save one for your cool-down.

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I LOVE podcasts. I just can’t figure out how to listen to them now that I’m using this one particular app for training.

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Settings? Just start the podcast first?

So many apps have so many different preferences and supercessions.

Sorry you’re having that kind of trouble!

No, it only pulls in music. Interestingly, though, it adapts the music to what your pace should be in a given moment.

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That seems simultaneously helpful and distressing.

I think that would bother me more than help me. YMMV.

No it’s way cool, actually. But some songs sound a little funny when they are slowed down, and others when they are sped up LOL

My degree is in Music Education. I’m fairly sure that would drive my brain bonkers.

As for my feet, to run in step with the music would be cool, but I think I’d flip tables over the tempi being off pretty quick.

Meh. I find it helpful.