Music For Vacation Video

I’m putting together a video montage of our vacation. I’d normally use the Fantasmic music but my kids haven’t seen it, so am trying to find something else which is Disney World Theme Park related, but not ride specific and makes a good instrumental. Any ideas other than the obvious things like When You Wish Upon A Star etc…?

“You’ve Got A Friend In Me” or
“Bear Band Serenade”

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I might be stealing the heck out of this idea.
I’d be thinking about trying to find music sound snippets that fit each scene between the songs that you think might fit in with your kids memories. I’d especially try to get a lot of songs from their favorite movies (and yours, too.) I DO like the idea of “you’ve got a friend in me,” that could tug heartstrings for them when they are older with kids if they were fans of Toy Story.

I’m completely stealing this now. I’ve been threatening to make a huge photo book for years now.

Example - I have some GREAT Speedway photos that could use some nascar sound effects, or some quotes from Mater - things like that. The DINOSAUR ride pics could use some of the iconic Jurassic Park theme music. I think we all know what music clip could be on that water ride with all the creepy dolls :grimacing:

Star Wars Jedi Training - Star Wars March theme (I forget what it’s called but you all know it.)

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I can’t figure it out :rofl: Actually not joking. I’m sure it’s obvious, but tell me please.

Love your enthusiasm!

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It’s a world of laughter
A world of tears
It’s a world of hopes
And a world of fears

To the rest of the forum - sorry for getting this stuck in your head.


Oh! I thought you had found some creepy music referencing dolls in some way–I was imagining a whole haunted mansion vibe (but spookier) along with the IASW images :rofl:

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What platform are you using?

I’ve been working on something similar but haven’t found a great platform

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I’m making it myself in Premier. But for when I’m being lazy the magic movie option in iMovie on the newer iPhones and iPads is really great.

What I’m working on won’t work for the iMovie app.

I’ll check out Premier, thanks!

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