Murphy Pull Down Bed at CBR, how to know?

Is there any way to tell if a room has the pull down Murphy bed to accommodate 5 people in the room? I am looking to see which room(s) I would like to request and I am not sure how to tell if it is a room for 5 or not. Can anyone help or is there not a way to tell?

We stayed in Trinidad North 3219 and the room had a Murphy bed.

I don’t know of anyway to tell. In my room request, I just put a building request, and specified that I needed a room with the murphy bed. I can tell you how it worked out on July19.

On the Touring Plans room finder for POR it is a filter to see the rooms.

That’s wonderful! Thanks!

I just checked the page and that’s not in the list of room options for CBR. But it’s good to know its there for POR. The seems like TP might be in the process of adding that info to Viewfinder page

I think it’s harder at CBR since they are scattered about the resort - at POR they’re all in the Alligator Bayou section.

@cforret - if you have 5 people, they’ll give you a room with a Murphy Bed. I’d just find a room in the general area that you like, and request that. We usually give reasons why we like the area in the text of the fax so the room assigners know what we’re looking for. We’ve had good luck with it!