Muppets in Liberty Square

Hi all,

We’re going to WDW for the first time in April and are huge Muppet fans. I am not certain of this but from what I’ve read there are a couple of different sketches - the Declaration of Indepence and the ride of Paul Revere? Do these alternate throughout the day? Is there anyway to find out which is showing when to try to ensure you see both?

We were also wondering whether Bunsen and Beaker are still in their mobile lab in Epcot?

Thanks in advance for any info from the WDW pros!


They DO alternate, but the schedule just lists their performance times. In my experience, they alternate. We are also huge Muppet fans.

In Fall if 2017 the mobile lab was there, but that doesn’t help you.

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Thank you! Do they alternate from performance to performance or day by day?

Performance to performance. We watched them twice in a row once because we were just running to a ride and then heading to an ADR, and we saw them back to back - 2 different performances. Both worth watching - short, funny, and very few people stop to watch in my experience, not to mention it’s up in the air, so it is easy to enjoy.

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We only saw the one, so I can’t comment on the alternating show.

But I can offer advice on a rookie mistake my son and I made: When we got there, the rope was almost entirely empty, so he and I stood right there up front. My wife and daughter were a bit tired, so stood/sat back by the tree.

By the time the show started son and I were ready to pass out from heat - if doing it again, I’d grab a nice seat under the tree and watch. Not really missing anything back there since most action is up high.


Great tip, thank you!

But is it easy to hear?

Yes, no problem at all!

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